Wellness Workshops at Carillon Miami

The resort will host "Integrative Emotional Wellness: A Holistic Retreat for Women" with Dr. Paul Hokemeyer and Corey Spiegel this summer

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Photo courtesy of Carillon Miami

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort will launch “Integrative Emotional Wellness: A Holistic Retreat for Women” with renowned relationship therapist, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, and Corey Spiegel, founder of the women’s networking organization Light House. The empirically-developed series begins July 8, with several workshops throughout the summer. The series will culminate with a weekend-long retreat September 30 to October 3.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 40 percent of people face pandemic- related emotional stresses, with recent data showing that women suffer from issues related to emotional stress at higher rates. “Integrative Emotional Wellness: A Holistic Retreat for Women” will offer participants the chance to immerse themselves in the healing space with empirically-based, holistic, and clinically effective treatments to support mental wellbeing for women of all ages.

“Over the course of the pandemic, I saw a surge in people struggling with a host of emotional wellness issues such as angst, sadness, insomnia, and more,” said Hokemeyer. “Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, I’m seeing these same issues manifest in people who are exhausted from the weights of their lives and the world. Personally and professionally, I’m thrilled to help people transcend the challenges of the past three years in a facility like Carillon.”

Hokemeyer and Spiegel will lead workshops to provide personalized strategies to help guests heal. Spiegel will offer participants a safe place to share their stories, be vulnerable, and heed a different perspective and allowing each woman to walk away with wisdom, understanding, and intent. Click here for a full list and descriptions of each workshop.

The “Integrative Emotional Wellness” weekend sessions are available for $99 per person, per session; as a package of 4 sessions for $340 per person; or as a package of all 8 sessions at $520 per person. Sessions are scheduled in two series: Series 1, from July 8-11 with Spiegel, and July 16 with Hokemeyer; and Series 2, from August 5-8 with Spiegel, and August 12 with Hokemeyer. These workshops will lead up to the retreat weekend September 30 to October 3, starting at $2,953 per person, including three nights of spacious luxury apartment accommodations, daily wellness breakfast and lunch, spa and wellness therapies, movement classes throughout the weekend, and more.

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