Vintage Vibes at Nine Frtn

Jonathan Coney, the man behind the Miami-based vintage furniture resale brand, makes the case for pre-loved pieces

Jonathan Coney at his Nine Frtn showroom
Jonathan Coney at his Nine Frtn showroom.

Jonathan Coney loves curves—especially on furniture. The founder of Nine Frtn, Coney sources vintage furniture from estate and liquidation sales for resale. “I’m mostly really interested in the shapes; I like a lot of curves inside the home and general space, wherever it may be,” he explains. “The ’70s, the disco era, had some of the quirkiest, most interesting, and profound designs.” Coney got his start making his own furniture, but he soon found that vintage gems were in high demand online. Five years later, he established Nine Frtn (named for his birthday) and now sources items nationally and abroad. Here, he shares his experience and more.  

A vintage lamp at Nine Frtn
A vintage lamp at Nine Frtn.

Aventura: What’s the allure of vintage?

Coney: The pieces today, they’re mass-produced and made with very low-quality materials. … It’s soulless, the furniture you see in the stores today. I like the idea of having a space that’s curated and one-off.

How did you get your start in the world of sourcing secondhand goods?

I’ve always been into thrifting. I used to do it with my mom when I was younger—here in Miami off Northeast 125th Street, at the Red, White & Blue thrift store—and “look at pretty things,” as my mom would say.

Where have you had your best scores?

Florida is a wealthy state, so a lot of the beachfront properties have imported goods from all over the world. You find a lot of high-end pieces in these beautiful condos and beachfront properties. The pieces that are sought after at this point are vintage from the ’70s and the ’80s. It’s the pinnacle design era for the industry.

What’s next for you?

I do, in the end, want to create a line—a collection of my own that will supply the demand and have a run of 50 pieces or so. I’m working on a brick-and-mortar store; I’m on a waiting list for certain areas in Miami. For now, people can purchase my pieces through Instagram. 

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