Uchi Finds a Home in Wynwood

Foodies will rejoice at Chef Tyson Cole's Wynwood innovative sushi restaurant, which is living up to the hype of the Austin original

Bluefin akami crudo at Uchi
Bluefin akami crudo at Uchi

Chef Tyson Cole placed Austin, Texas, on the foodie map circa 2003 when his first solo endeavor, a non-traditional sushi restaurant called Uchi, garnered nearly every accolade imaginable and later landed Cole a James Beard Award in 2011. Now, in the latest chapter of his celebrity chef career, Cole transplants this signature restaurant to Wynwood, where it lives up to the hype of the original. This time it’s set in a loft-meets-eco-chic setting of hand-woven rope, custom woodwork, and metal and botanical wall coverings. 

Natural materials and traditional artwork set the scene inside Uchi Miami, photo by Chase Daniels
Natural materials and traditional artwork set the scene inside Uchi Miami. Photo by Chase Daniels

Serious food lovers can’t get enough of Cole’s ingenuity, underscored by dishes like composed oysters with lemongrass, coconut, and finger lime; masu pom (ocean trout dressed in pomegranate zu and topped with gooseberry); and roasted cauliflower with curried raisins, gruyere, and cashews. There are also more traditional compositions of sushi and sashimi—perfected to a level expected from one of America’s few sushi masters—including special selections direct from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market (hello, melt-in-your-mouth bluefin tuna loin.) Add to the mix a menu of thoughtful cocktails incorporating Japanese spirits, and it’s easy to see why this modern Japanese-Texas juggernaut has quickly risen to the top of Miami’s restaurant scene. 

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