The Scoop on Local Ice Cream Shops

Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream, Aventura: At this hot spot, liquid nitrogen is used to flash-freeze—rather than churn—your ice cream, which means it’s super fresh and made just minutes before it hits your taste buds. Pro tip: Check out the coffee ice cream with Pop-Tarts Mix-N’s.

Dasher & Crank, Miami: At this Wynwood locale, the ice cream flavors are anything but ordinary. Think Strawberry Cream Cheese with Guava Jelly, Elderflower Power, Coconut Cartel Rum Raisin, and Cardamom Knows Best, to name a few.

MadLab Creamery, Miami: The brainchild of pastry chef Soraya Kilgore, MadLab offers gourmet soft-serve, homemade chocolate bark, and Japanese cheesecake.

The Frieze, Miami Beach: This old-timer just off Lincoln Road has been around for 33 years and remains reliably delicious. Stop by this  family-owned favorite to get everything from Sweet Cream to Red Wine Sorbet to Bumpy Trail, their variation of Rocky Road.

Stefano Versace Gelato, Aventura: You don’t have to be Italian to enjoy this divine gelateria, where a simple swirl in a cup or cone is every bit as divine as a specialty item. We recommend the Sfogliatella Gelato, made using the light, crispy, multilayered Italian pastry as a vessel for the dreamy, creamy, ice-cold gelato on top.

Text by Chris Dultan

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