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Meet Miami’s savvy businesswoman and lifestyle aficionada, Sira Pevida

Lifestyle blogger Sira Pevida was a practicing nutritionist before transitioning to the full-time digital influencer she is today. Now the CEO and cofounder of the blog The Walk, which highlights fashion, travel, and lifestyle, she’s become internationally recognized for her sophisticated, editorial content curated on her social media and website. “I started sharing my styling tips and outfit posts on Instagram, and in time the posts started gaining traction and a following, which enabled me to continue my hobby and transform it into a career,” says the Mexican native who now lives in Miami with her three children. Her focus is primarily fashion and beauty, but with staying at home being the new norm, Pevida has rediscovered her love for fitness, health, and well-being. “It is exciting being able to share topics and content surrounding areas I truly am passionate about, and that people enjoy seeing the content also,” she says. Her content is available on popular social media platforms, like Instagram (@sirapevida) and TikTok. “With TikTok, I love that I am able to create fun and interactive short videos that are unique and captivate a whole different audience,” she says.

Cannot live without:  All of my bags. I must confess I am addicted to accessories and cannot go a day without using one.

Beauty hack: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different makeup styles, colors, and products, as it’s the best way to work out what suits you best and what you feel most comfortable in.

Skin secrets: Every day I finish my skin-care routine with an SPF. Another important thing I try to maintain is staying hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day.

Food kryptonite: French fries! I absolutely adore them.

Fave Miami dine: I love going to Novikov. It’s in downtown Miami and has a Chinese/Japanese concept. My go-to order is the Peking duck.

Out-of-towner must: Here in Miami, I love to take them to the beach. The view is gorgeous, and it’s the perfect spot to hang out with visiting family or friends.

Go-to look: This season I love mixing boots with unique items, such as wearing combat boots with sweatpants. I know it’s not a very common combination, but once you style them with the right accessories, you can create an elevated yet casual look. Especially with staying home currently, it’s nice to still dress up yet feel comfortable, confident, and put-together.

Upcoming trends: I saw so many new trends that I loved during the last fashion month for spring that it’s hard to choose only one I love and want to emulate. Some that were a highlight for me are nudes, earthy tones, and transparencies. I feel like these are styles that won’t only be an upcoming trend but also investment pieces.

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