Showfields Debuts Cocktail-Inspired Installation

The Lincoln Road retailer and Diageo launched Miami Spirit, a cocktail-forward artistic ode to the Magic City, featuring three local artists

Showfields and Diageo are celebrating summer with the debut of Miami Spirit, a new Miami-inspired art installation in the experiential Lincoln Road store. As an ode to the Magic City, three Miami artists, Jessy Nite, Francesco Lo Castro and Roses et Pivoines, created works of art that represent three iconic Miami architectural styles and are inspired by custom Diageo cocktails.

Running now through December of 2021, the Showfields installation will boost the arts and culture renaissance of Miami Beach’s iconic Lincoln Road. Guests are welcome to tour the sprawling, colorful space, the works of art, and sample the special cocktails.

About the artists: 

Don Julio Blanco Space by Jessy Nite. Images courtesy of Showfields
Don Julio Blanco Space by Jessy Nite. Images courtesy of Showfields

Jessy Nite’s eye-catching neon space embodies Miami’s most iconic style, Tropical Art Deco, while drawing inspiration from Don Julio’s Tropideco cocktail (tequila, syrups and exotic spices poured over fresh picked pineapples and refreshing coconut water)

About the installation: Bringing Miami’s tropical art deco to life like never before, Nite poured out a rich blue over her space’s architectural elements, which she covered with intricate reliefs that speak to Miami’s native flora and fauna, as well as the subtle notes behind every sip of Don Julio. Throw in a few brightly painted plants and an eye-catching neon and the ode to Miami’s most iconic style is complete.

2. Ketel One Botanicals Space (Roses et Pivoines) at Showfields Lincoln Road
Ketel One Botanicals Space by Roses et Pivoines

Roses et Pivoines’ vibrant floral display represents the Mediterranean Revival design found throughout the Magic City with Ketel One Botanical’s Sun & Citrus serving as the blossoming inspiration (fresh lime and grapefruit, soda, sweet agave, and spicy jalapeños bring botanicals to blossom).

About the installation: Flowing from the ceiling and pouring down the walls, et Pivoines brings Miami, Ketel One botanicals, and Mediterranean Revival style to life through vibrant, overflowing florals. 

9.Johnnie Walker Black (Francesco Lo Castro + MIMO) at Showfields Lincoln Road
Johnnie Walker space by Francesco Lo Castro

Francesco Lo Castro emulates Miami’s modern architecture with a sleek, white wall installation, inspired by the effortlessness of Johnnie Walker’s Magic City Highball (coconut, fresh Key lime, soft boba pearls, passionfruit)

About the installation: White, modern, simple and sleek, Lo Castro’s stunning wall installations are resin made masterpieces with multiple levels and curving pieces that come together almost effortlessly – like a Johnnie Walker Cocktail. Throughout it all, Lo Castro weaved in vibrant yet subtle Johnnie Walker colors to further shine a light on the brand behind it all through his detail intensive style – all while reflecting the city he calls home and the modern style found throughout several neighborhoods in Miami.

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