Serious Sweets with Beauty & The Board

This Halloween, share spooky stories over a DIY candy board kit

Elle Mawardi, founder of Beauty & The Board. Photos courtesy of Beauty & The Board
Elle Mawardi, founder of Beauty & The Board. Photos courtesy of Beauty & The Board

Festive gatherings have never been more fun than with the addition of a gourmet board from South Florida’s Beauty & The Board. Founded by Elle Mawardi in 2019, her grazing board service offers entertaining mavens a variety of luxe, tasty options that are sure to bring guests together. With your choice of ready-to-serve or DIY options, the boards are “the perfect gastronomic adventure, allowing people to come together and spark conversation,” shares Mawardi. The idea to start the business stemmed from her wanting to recreate nostalgic memories of family get-togethers. She sought to build a brand focused on the ethos of “gather around and be our guest.” 

Make All Hallows’ Eve more fun with a DIY candy board, photo courtesy of Beauty & The Board
Make All Hallows’ Eve more fun with a DIY candy board.

Since its inception, Beauty & The Board has been trending along South Florida’s coastline with wow-worthy arrangements, traditional cheese and charcuterie platters, and wildly whimsical DIY kits. All are crafted using environmentally sustainable birchwood boards, packaging, and disposables. Her brand not only brings authentic epicurious experiences into people’s homes but instills the importance of human interactions and sharing food and time with family and friends. 

This Halloween, Mawardi is sending her followers on a sweet adventure with a new DIY candy board packed with every confection connoisseur’s favorite treats. You’ll find an array of colorful sour and sweet jellies in various shapes to satisfy everyone’s cravings. “With a colorful step-by-step guide, our DIY candy board is sure to be a sweet treat for the entire family,” she says. “We encourage our customers to have fun along the way and add their personal touch while building.” 

In addition to candy creations, Beauty & The Board will be offering additional specials through Thanksgiving. Choose from “seasonal accouterments that are both high-quality and delicious,” says Mawardi. Year-round offerings comprise the signature classic, vegetarian, vegan, cookie board, bread and cracker board, and a DIY Insta-worthy cheese kit shipped nationwide via Goldbelly. Recently, Mawardi also launched individually sized mini charcuterie crates. 

Beauty & The Board guide

Board Rules

Beauty & The Board’s Elle Mawardi shares three quick tips:

1. Assemble the candies in a color gradient from left to right.

2. Be sure to fill any open spaces in your dazzling design with smaller pieces.  

3. Place a set of tongs on top and prepare for a sweet adventure. Enjoy!

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