Season of Discovery at Frost Science

The museum will from unveil a new exhibition and planetarium show, host hands-on activities, and more all month long

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami will host an array of mind-bending and imagination expanding programming, from exhibits to planetarium shows and hands-on activities, all month long.

Egyptian Sarcophagus on view in "Mummies of the World: The Exhibition." Photo courtesy Frost Science
Egyptian Sarcophagus on view in “Mummies of the World: The Exhibition.” Photo courtesy Frost Science

“Mummies of the World: The Exhibition”

The largest touring collection of mummified remains and related artifacts ever assembled will be unveiled at the museum May 27. “Mummies of the World: The Exhibition” will reveal the true lives of ancient people from all over the world, including Europe, South America, and ancient Egypt. The exhibition will be on view through September 4.

“Mummies of the World” features the mummified remains of 40 real humans and animals, as well as 80 rare artifacts from across the globe. The exhibition provides unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations. This compelling collection, presented with reverence and dignity, will enthrall with dramatic displays of the mummies and their personal stories. State-of-the-art multimedia stations will take visitors on a 4,500-year journey to explore the histories and origins of the mummified remains, as well as how they were created.

Please note: This exhibition contains potentially sensitive content, including the mummified remains of people who lived in the past. Frost Science understands and acknowledges there are a variety of cultural and religious perspectives on the display of deceased individuals. For a full disclaimer, click here.

Frost Planetarium. Photo courtesy Frost Science
Frost Planetarium. Photo courtesy Frost Science

Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity

Dive into Frost Science’s new cutting-edge planetarium show, which immerses guests in the fascinating world of black holes. Narrated by Liam Neeson, Black Holes features high-resolution visualizations of cosmic phenomena, working with data generated by supercomputer simulations, to bring the current science of black holes to the dome screen.

The shows begin daily at 10:20 a.m.; 11:40 a.m.; 1 p.m.; 2:20 p.m.; 3:40 p.m.; and 5 p.m.

Laser Evening

Frost Science’s Laser Evenings return May 13, from 7 to 11 p.m. The lineup will include songs by Daft Punk, Queen, and 1980s and ’90s hits galore. Guests are encouraged to come early to hang out in the museum’s main atrium, where light snacks and beverages will be available for purchase.

Tickets are $8-$10 and are available here.

Mini-Me Science: Mommy Gators

Frost Science will host a Mother’s Day-themed edition of Mini-Me Science on May 14, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., and 1 to 2 p.m. Guests will learn about the relationship between mother alligators and their offspring, as well as craft adorable alligator mask they can wear all day long.

Mini-Me Science sessions last approximately 60 minutes. The first half of the session features hands-on activity, while the second includes a guided museum exploration. All children must be accompanied by an adult (maximum of two adults per child). Tickets are $25 per child (ages two to five only). Click here to register for the morning or afternoon session.

Tech Lab: Augmented Reality

On May 14, join the museum for Tech Lab, a program that provides a hands-on immersion into the world of technology. Guests will engage with some of the latest technology while learning the basics behind how it works, from coding to electrical engineering. Each workshop includes take-home tech to help ignite curiosity at home.

This Tech Lab focuses on using augmented reality to solve real world problem in this session about extreme weather and amazing creatures. Guests will create their own app and deploy it to design solutions for polluted river ecosystems. A scientist that studies augmented reality will give an in-depth look at how new technology can help tackle old problems.

Tickets are $40 per participant and are available here.

Just for Me: Physics of Light

The month of fun rounds out with Just Me: Physics of Light, a program dedicated to visitors with diverse sensory and accessibility needs to discover and explore everything the Museum has to offer, May 17 and 20. Guests will enjoy the museum in a quiet and comfortable environment. Just For Me backpacks—equipped with noise-reducing earmuffs, a small, weighted blanket, and sensory toys—are also available.

During Just for Me hours, sensory-friendly sound and lighting adjustments are made, and a tactile and interactive activation is added to an exhibition so guests can engage with scientific concepts on their own terms.

This month, guests will discover the science of fluorescence and learn about the forms of light that appear all around us. They will also be able to shine a new light on common household liquids, minerals, and seashells. Registration for May 17 and May 20 sessions are available here.

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