Rum in the Sun

National Rum Day is August 16, but you can celebrate all summer with these artisan rums, each with a different South Florida hook

Brugal 1888 National Rum Day
Brugal 1888 National Rum Day

Brugal 1888 

This beautifully balanced rum from the Dominican Republic is produced by the fifth-generation Brugal family. It’s wildly popular throughout rum-loving Miami for its complex-yet-approachable taste plus the brand’s numerous local activations. In the past year, Brugal 1888 has wowed the Magic City with a “La Ventanita” pop-up series and tastings during events like Art Basel and F1, led by Maestra Ronera Jassil Villanueva Quintana, the newest face behind the family brand. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this love match between Miami and Brugal 1888, but for now we’ll pick up a bottle for some rum Negronis and rum Manhattans (find recipes on the website). 

Candela Mamajuana 

This “farm-to-bottle” spiced rum from the Dominican Republic is distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, infused with Mamajuana spices and honey, and aged in American oak barrels. Florida is one of three states that carry this sweet and smooth spirit. Find it behind the bar at The Dirty Rabbit in Wynwood and Casa Tua Cucina in Downtown, among others.

Papa's Pilar
Papa’s Pilar

Papa’s Pilar

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway, named after his beloved fishing boat, and crafted in collaboration with the famed writer’s estate, Papa’s Pilar ultra-premium rums are distilled and bottled in Key West. A portion of sales are donated to protect and conserve South Florida’s oceans. 

Thrasher’s Rum

At the Miami Rum Congress in March 2022, barman-turned-distiller Todd Thrasher introduced his award-winning portfolio of six rums to the 305, the highlight of which is the botanical-based Green Spiced Rum. 

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