Revolutionary Retail at Showfields

Lincoln Road’s new brick-and-mortar blends art and retail in an immersive experience, with more than 40 rotating pop-up shops and art installations

Showfields Lincoln Road, Soraya Abu Nabaa Slide

Drop in for plant-based cosmetics, walk out with a mixed-media piece of artwork. That’s the idea behind Showfields, Lincoln Road’s new brick-and-mortar space that blends art and retail in an immersive experience. Offering more than 40 rotating pop-up shops and art installations, Showfields dubs itself “the most interesting store in the world,” which is apparent from its eclectic collection of mission-driven, design-oriented, and innovative brands from around the globe. You’ll find many unexpected goods ranging from striking swimsuits to birthday cake cookies to whimsical napkin ring sets. 

The two-story showroom of sustainable, upcycled art and freestanding elements sets the stage for a convenient retail experience, livened up by weekly curations and events. The imaginative shopping experience continues with out-of-the-box visuals, like the store’s signature indoor slide designed by Soraya Abu Naba and the Filthy Luker inflatable tentacle exterior installation, which ties back to the store’s reflection of its surrounding oceanic environment.

“Showfield’s mission is to bring inspiration and function to the customer’s life by connecting them with a brand at the right time and in an unexpected way,” shares the company’s CEO Tal Zvi Nathanel, who opened his New York flagship location in 2017. “That’s why we started in power cities and always in the most iconic street there. Lincoln Road is the perfect manifestation of this definition and offers a rare alignment with our artistic approach and our customer taste.” 


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