Rebecca Moses Exhibition Debuts at Ralph Pucci Gallery

The Wynwood gallery will unveil "Bubblegum, Lipstick, and Hope" and accompanying murals on December 2 for Art Basel

Ralph Pucci Gallery in Wynwood Art Basel murals 1
Ralph Pucci Gallery in Wynwood

Ralph Pucci International will present “Bubblegum, Lipstick, and Hope,” an exhibit of 200 pieces of female portraiture by artist Rebecca Moses, on December 2, at its Wynwood gallery just in time for Art Basel. Moses’ works reflect a transcendent passion, determination, and desire to stay true to one’s own voice even in the most challenging of times. The body of work expands Moses’ signature style of connecting art with fashion and speaks to the state of mind that has emerged from the struggles and silver linings of the past 18 months. It is a tribute to women’s strength, uniqueness of being, and the celebration and renewal of one’s self.

Rebecca Moses portraiture
Rebecca Moses work

“Bubblegum, Lipstick, and Hope” is a world of fashionable delights, colorful dreams, bold patterns, stylish environments, and simple comfort foods. “Women holding their heads high with dignity and putting on their best to champion themselves,” says Moses of her ladies. “Jewels that electrify their personae; hairdos that become crowns of pride; and body language that shows strength, determination, and dignity. There is no standard of beauty. Each remarkable woman is her own champion. Their style is their voice and a glimpse of their dignity. No matter how outrageous, they hold on through life’s extraordinary times by staying true to themselves.”

The exhibition celebrates the female essence of childish charms, cherished comforts, and creative dreams but most importantly, hope. Outside, the celebration continues with 17 larger-than-life murals that will cover the façade of Pucci’s Wynwood free-standing gallery.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

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