Oceanic Extravaganza at Sexy Fish

London’s prized catch has come ashore in the heart of Brickell

Sexy Fish. Photo by Ken Hayden
Photo by Ken Hayden

London’s most fashionable (and extraordinary) spot—Sexy Fish—has come ashore in the heart of Brickell. The Asian-inspired restaurant fosters a multisensory, under-the-sea journey that’s completely over the top.

Designed in collaboration with Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and Caring, Sexy Fish’s interiors dazzle with oversized mer- maid sculptures and colossal collections of glass mosaics complemented by glittery aquatic artwork by Damien Hirst—all illuminated by Frank Gehry–designed fish lamps. The food boasts a similar showmanship, often plated on bespoke dish- ware and shrouded in clouds of dry ice.

Sexy Fish’s yellowfin tartare arrives table- side in a mist of dry ice
Sexy Fish’s yellowfin tartare arrives tableside in a mist of dry ice. Photo by Ben Carpenter

Must-try items include yellowfin tartare, crispy duck and watermelon salad, caramelized black cod, Eryngii mushroom tempura and truffle, and King crab and bone marrow. The cocktails are studies in next-level mixology, each underscored by a surprising flavor duet, embellished by artisan ingredients. We recommend the whiskey-spiked Cherry and Almond and the clarified, vodka-forward Raspberry and Yogurt.

In total, Sexy Fish reveals a vibrant and surreal, foodie-forward ocean fantasy that’s every bit worth the hype.

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