Blackdove Modern Art

Discover Miami’s first NFT gallery at TheArsenale in the Miami Design District

Blackdove offers the chance to purchase digital artwork on display via cryptocurrency
Blackdove offers the chance to purchase digital artwork on display via cryptocurrency.

Whether you’re engulfed in the NFT world or just scratching the surface, you’ll want to check out Miami’s first NFT gallery by Blackdove, a leading fine art NFT platform. NFT’s, otherwise known as “non-fungible tokens,” are unique types of cryptographic tokens that signify digital stamps of authenticity and serve as original ownership signatures, says Blackdove founder Marc Billings, who is a local entrepreneur and crypto art expert/gallery curator. He likens an NFT to a vehicle identification number (VIN) on a car. “Many cars are the same, so the VIN number uniquely identifies your car,” he says. When registered with the government, the car is then identified as owned by you. Similarly, when an artwork’s NFT is in your wallet, it is identified as yours. “There may be other artworks that are similar, but that NFT token is yours and this ownership can be confirmed by scanning the Blockchain (distributed database updated and shared across a network of computers that verifies that there is only ever one account capable of owning the NFT at a given time),” he says.  

BLACKDOVE ART DISPLAY(5)The gallery rotates weekly, and is housed inside TheArsenale at the Miami Design District for guests to view a curated exhibition featuring more than 100 moving image digital works of art from over 50 global artists. “Digital art is a very unique medium in that it offers artists the ability to expand from a single frame of content to multi-frame,” says Billings. “Historically, this may have been a video narrative, however, the new breed of artists has created works that emulate a moving painting, and this is truly fascinating.” In addition to the gallery, Blackdove recently launched a Marco Brambilla exhibition at the Pérez Art Museum that will be on display through the new year. 

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