“Miami Sweet” Arrives at the Aventura Mall

Guests of all ages can explore the twelve-room, candy-filled interactive experience beginning October 15

Young guests at Sweet Miami in the Aventura Mall, opening October 15, images courtesy of Candy Kingdom
Photos courtesy of Candy Kingdom

Candy Kingdom, a California-based company helmed by Candytopia founder Jackie Sorkin and serial entrepreneur Jay Yadon, will host its latest immersive experience at the Aventura Mall. The shopping-meets-entertainment concept “Miami Sweet” will debut on Friday, October 15, as a twelve-room, fully-interactive experience bringing its colossal candy creations to Aventura.

Designed as a love letter to Miami, visitors will take a sensory trip through the city’s electric energy, year-round sunshine, and “good vibes only” lifestyle. Inspired by Florida’s melting pot of communities, “Miami Sweet” celebrates the area’s cultures and opportunities, while adhering to its mission to provide sweet family fun.

Sweet Miami Tropical room, photo courtesy of Candy Kingdom
“Tropical room”

Tropical music will guide guests through their art-filled adventure fit for all ages. Visitors can surf the waves with candy dolphins in “Life’s a Beach”; swing on licorice vines through the jungle in “Zoo Tropical”; travel through a Versace-themed candy pop-art gallery; and sway with samba dancers in “Candy Carnival” room.

“It’s been dark out there for almost two years now! It was time for me to create something that stands as a reminder that life is beautiful and that nothing can steal our joy,” said Jackie Sorkin. “This is my answer to the hardship, providing everyone with a care-free opportunity where your only job is just to have fun, come play, and make sweet memories!”

Miami Sweet will be open to the public from October 15 (beginning at 3 p.m.) through February 2022. The experience is open to all ages and ticketed reservations are $29 per person. Click here for COVID-19 protocols.

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