Memories of Mariano at PAMM

Pérez Museum of Art is hosting “Mariano: Variations on a Theme,” which pays tribute to Cuban avant-garde artist Mariano Rodríguez

Mujer con Gallo, 1941
Mujer con Gallo, 1941

Roosters, life in the countryside, tropical fruits, fishermen, and more are on display at the Pérez Museum of Art in Miami (PAMM) in “Mariano: Variations on a Theme,” which pays tribute to Cuban artist Mariano Rodríguez (1912-1990). Known in the art world by his first name, Mariano was a part of the island’s avant-garde art scene, the second generation of modernists who used their talents to present a vision of Cuba’s identity on the heels of revolution. He studied under Mexican painter Manuel Rodríguez Lozano in 1936, lighting an ember of national pride.

As showcased throughout his portfolio, Mariano sprinkles el gallo, or the rooster, in his paintings—imagery of a peasant woman embracing the bird on her lap, or a fowl proudly strutting his crimson comb. Mariano’s works range from abstract expressionism to grotesque imagery, with his six-decade career spanning almost the entirety of the Cuban modernist movement. The exhibition runs through January 22, 2023, and is organized by the McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, in collaboration with the Fundación Mariano Rodríguez.

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