Meet Three of Miami’s Hottest Fashion Creators

Carolina Lindo, Louis Andre, and Ria Michelle share their stories as well as tips for how to dress and show off your personal style

Style is synonymous with Miami’s vibrant DNA. In this dynamic fashion landscape, a wave of content creators and influencers has emerged, redefining the boundaries and captivating global audiences. With a keen eye for sartorial storytelling, these creatives have become the new authority on everything from putting together a date-night outfit to the skin care products you should be using now and everything in between. Here, we look at three of Miami’s most popular influencers who share their stories as well as tips for how to dress and show off your personal style.  

Carolina Lindo. Photo courtesy of Carolina Lindo
Carolina Lindo. Photo courtesy of Carolina Lindo

The Mogul: Carolina Lindo

Colombian-born Carolina Lindo credits her father for her appreciation of all things style. She recalls watching him “dress on point” when growing up. “I think my good style comes from him,” she says with a laugh. 

Fashion became Lindo’s creative outlet, leading her to study fashion merchandising at the Miami International University of Art & Design. Her journey took a turn when she was hired by a stylist who dressed Latin celebrities and socialites. Lindo began borrowing clothes from the stylist and posting her looks on Instagram. Back then, it was easier to gain a following on the platform says the fashionista, whose popularity grew during the rise of the influencer era.

When Lindo attended Coachella with her friends in 2017, she posted a look by Misguided. The brand took notice and asked to use the photo in an upcoming advertising campaign. Her photo and Instagram handle ran on billboards and train signage in New York City and overseas. Since then, she’s collaborated with such brands as Revolve, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Ferragamo, and Jimmy Choo, to name a few.

Carolina Lindo. Photo courtesy of Carolina Lindo
Carolina Lindo. Photo courtesy of Carolina Lindo

Lindo is recognized for her minimalist style, often donning neutral ensembles paired with stylish sunglasses. This signature look has become her trademark, though she welcomes occasional pops of color via accessories, like a handbag or a pair of pumps. 

These days, Lindo is a model represented by Ford Digital (an influencer and creative talent division) and is also focusing on her accessories line, Past Midnight. She founded the brand in 2018 to offer an array of items that elevate everyday outfits, including gold-plated and 14-karat gold jewelry. She especially loves the Moon earrings, saying they can “transform any outfit.” As a dedicated collector of shades, Lindo recently introduced sunglasses to her lineup, as well.

Her newest project is StoryTellers The Studio, a content creation, social strategy, and management company. Lindo offers her services to clients like L’Occitane, Marc Fisher, and Nonchalant Label, including her Miami studio that brands can rent for their content creation sessions. Lindo is honing her skills to take the venture next-level, recently traveling to France for photography workshops focused on creative direction. Her journey from fashion enthusiast to fashion mogul is a testament to her passion, artistic vision, and dedication to empowering women through style.


Shoes: Saint Laurent or Chanel, both in the Design District

Workout Gear: We Wore What and Alo Yoga  

Home Decor: The Bazaar Project with stores in the Aventura Mall and Coconut Grove

Clothing: Anine Bing at the Aventura Mall 

Skin Care: Miami’s own Lendava 

Fashion Facts

Find her on social media: @imnotsorrydarling 

Describes her style: Minimal and classic

Go-to outfit: Black trousers and a pair of black sunglasses 

Owns a lot of: Sunglasses  

Celebrity closet she’d raid: Italian influencer Alex Rivière-Sieber. I love her style!

Louis Andre. Photo courtesy of Louis Andre
Louis Andre. Photo courtesy of Louis Andre

The Dandy: Louis Andre

Louis Andre’s innate love of fashion combined with a serendipitous encounter paved the way for his journey as a reigning social media content creator in the Magic City. The Venezuelan-born influencer was attending a fashion event in Miami when a notable editor caught sight of his all-white ensemble. “I was wearing this white suit, and I put a white belt on it and everything,” he recalls. “As soon as I walked in the event, [the editor] was like, ‘Oh, wow! I have never seen a guy dressed like that with so much confidence.’’’ 

At the time, Andre was already taking note of the organic following and engagement he was receiving from posting stylish ensembles on Instagram. With a background in visual design graphics and previous experience working in graphic design for the Miami Heat, he incorporated his editing abilities into his social media presence. He credits his unique eye and personal style for setting him apart. “I like styling, and I started taking pictures of my outfits,” says the Miami Shores resident. Soon, more and more tastemakers took notice of his unique content—instead of the “random pictures” he says people were posting back then. 

Louis Andre. Photo courtesy of Louis Andre
Louis Andre. Photo courtesy of Louis Andre

In 2015, Miami-based, Italian-made shoe brand Ace Marks approached him to join their Miami team as creative director. His role involved everything from designing shoes to working on campaign ads. 

Catching the attention of an array of brands propelled him to transition into content creation full-time. His first paid campaign was with the luxury car brand Lincoln. “From there, it just took off,” he says of the clothing and hospitality brands who have reached out to collaborate. He’s also leveraging his wanderlust by partnering with travel brands like Virgin Voyages, which recently sent him on a seven-day cruise to Greece to produce brand content.

Aside from content creation, Andre is involved in other endeavors, like appearing as a daily fashion commentator on iHeart Radio’s The Enrique Santos Show and working as a contributor to Buzz Friday on the Roku channel, where he covers all things celebrity style. He’s also hit the red carpet for events such as Premios Juventud to document celebrity fashion. 

In the future, Andre says he envisions continuing to pursue his broadcast career. “I would like to have my own talk show or Good Morning America, but in Spanish,” he says. 


Shoes: Ace Marks and Nike

Home Decor: At Home is my go-to if I need any decor for every season. 

Skin Care: I love WIP (Work in Progress). It’s an argan-infused oil that works for your hair and skin. It’s a Miami-based brand from Juanita Londoño.  

Clothing: I shop everywhere and at any store, even Target or Costco! I shop based on what I like and what I feel looks good. My go-to mall is the Aventura Mall.

Workout Gear: I love going to the Nike store in the Aventura Mall. I can find anything for working out and even for athleisure wear. 

Fashion Facts

Find him on social media: @reallouisandre

Describes his style: Essential, classic, and a little risqué 

Go-to piece of clothing: I love suits! I feel wearing suits makes you elevated and in a high state of mind. It makes me seem very professional and that I’m worthy. 

Owns a lot of: Shoes! Since I was the creative director for Ace Marks, I started developing an appreciation for shoes and can’t stop collecting them.

Celebrity closet he’d raid: Dwayne Wade. I feel he has a great classy and sophisticated style, especially the suits he wears. 

Biggest fashion fail: So many! But one in particular was at Premios Juventud 2012. I was in such a hurry to get to the red carpet and everything was so rushed that I just grabbed anything I could find and wore it. When I saw the pictures, it just didn’t look good at all. 

Ria Michelle. Photo courtesy of Ria Michelle
Ria Michelle. Photo courtesy of Ria Michelle

The Creator: Ria Michelle

Ria Michelle paved her path to content creator through a career in web design and by organizing Sci-Fi conventions, working with actors from television shows and movies such as Twilight, True Blood, and Supernatural. “We would bring them to the fans and they’d take photos,” she says. “I discovered fashion blogging somewhere along the way.” 

She first used her website to document her modeling endeavors and to showcase her styling skills. One day, a makeup artist friend asked her to contribute to her portfolio as a stylist. “That’s kind of how I got more into fashion,” says Michelle, who began delving into fashion blogging. “I thought to myself, ‘I can do this.’” 

In 2010, Michelle made the move from Orlando to Miami. As her blog began to take off, she was invited to events and started posting photos of guests on her blog. “Then my regular readers were like, ‘What happened to you? We missed seeing you,’” says Michelle. “So I eventually stopped featuring other people, and it became more of a focus on me.”

Ria Michelle. Photo courtesy of Ria Michelle 1
Ria Michelle. Photo courtesy of Ria Michelle

From her first collaboration with Levi’s—which reached out to her—she was hooked. “I like how you can tell a story about your outfit or mood,” she says. “Fashion is pretty powerful. You can do a lot or very little with it.” 

Michelle’s second brand partnership with Macy’s served as a catalyst for her future endeavors. An entire team was flown in to film Michelle and a friend hanging out at The Standard, Miami Beach. She recalls thinking: “Something’s happening here because there’s some sort of interest in what I’m doing and what I’m creating.” 

Michelle’s client roster now includes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands such as Intermix, Drybar, Veronica Beard, H&M, Patrón, and Volkswagen. As her online presence has expanded, she has grown all the more confident in her professional output. “I’m a content creator,” she says of the posts she produces for her audience or on behalf of her brand partners. “I think that was the best term that they came up with. ‘Influencer’ just never felt right. You can be a creator and not have influence and vice versa.” 

Michelle often reminisces about the early days, when people used to make fun of her for “taking photos” at a restaurant. She recalls an editor sitting nearby her at a dinner who offered some wisdom. “He was just like, ‘Take up the space. Do what you need to do, and you’ll be the one laughing in 10 years.’” 

Despite the pretty pics and curated content she produces for her followers, Michelle remains true to her roots, embracing her “inner nerd.” Of the original passions that helped to shape her journey, she notes that she still loves to play video games and watch anime. 


Workout Gear: Miami’s very own Devon Windsor

Skin Care: Face Fit Bar, BeAtala at Mr. C Miami especially if Pietro Simone is in town, and Alexis Lauren Collective

Accessories: Elisa Johnson has a pair of sunglasses that I legit can’t stop wearing. Also, Prada and Loewe.

Purses: Mango and Tory Burch. Sacra is a local brand I just discovered. 

Home Decor: I dream of scoring something from Nine Fourteen. Bless the people who do the hunting for you. Also, CB2, HomeGoods, and West Elm. 

Shoes: Schutz is a good price point. High-end loves? Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and Givenchy.

Fashion Facts

Find her on social media: @riamichelle 

Go-to piece of clothing: Sets are so easy. It’s a no-brainer outfit, and you can also break it up and create more looks.

Owns a lot of: I’ve recently been purging, but I used to own the most shoes and sunglasses. Sunnies were my intro to buying designer (my first pair were Dior). 

Celebrity closet she’d raid: Rihanna. I feel like she’s got the goods. I love her style, and she’s had some amazing designer and jewelry ambassadorships. 

Biggest fashion fail: I mean, we all look back and cringe at some point, I guess. But at the time, you probably really felt whatever you were wearing and thought you were doing something right. So is it really a failure?

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