Marcel Katz Knows Rare Treasures

Art dealer Marcel Katz will partner with The Confidante Miami Beach to debut the first Dalí sculpture to be exhibited in Miami

Photo courtesy of The Confidante Miami Beach.

Marcel Katz is one Miamian to keep an eye on. Not only is he an art agent, dealer, and director, but he’s also the founder of Marcel Katz Art, an art gallery and dealership, and The Art Plug, an art and creative agency. His Art Plug Power House conceptual art fair and event platform established itself in 2018 during Miami Art Week with an over-the-top experiential event at a 30,000-square-foot police impound in Allapattah, which he turned into an interactive contemporary art gallery. He now has a quickly expanding roster of more than 100 international artists and is the youngest authorized Salvador Dalí art dealer.

In partnership with New York-based art consultant and Salvador Dalí expert Bertrand Epaud, Katz has debuted the first-ever Dalí sculpture to exist in Miami, which will be exhibited through the end of the month at The Confidante Miami Beach. The collection of rare and treasured works titled The Real Surreal will feature modern art by the world-renowned Spanish surrealist. Works of paper, bronze sculptures, and large-scale museum sculptures are available to view.

Those interested in catching a glimpse can purchase tickets in advance to confirm a time slot to explore the artwork with their group. Guests can also purchase a “Plug Plus” package online, which will not only grant guests access to the exhibit but also include several limited-edition Art Plug and Dalí-themed exclusive merchandise.

A virtual component for those who want to experience the gallery from the comfort of their own homes will be available. Below, Katz discusses his partnership and the future of the arts in Miami.

Saint George and The Dragon, Salvador Dalí.

What inspired your passion for the arts?

I got into art through my childhood. My mother was an oil painter, and I went to Europe a lot. I remember being blown away by all that, but I wanted to do something different. I worked in the Miami nightlife for a while, became familiar with both the social media and street art markets, and had this vision of creating something that anyone could go to and not feel intimidated—something more approachable that at the same time would appeal to art collectors. Art is an outlet that can change people, and I wanted to make it more fun. I created the Art Plug based on the concept of interactive activations.

How has the global pandemic affected your work?

I believe coronavirus will lead to something like the Renaissance. After the [bubonic] plague, people realized how important culture was and that is also happening now. With so much falling apart, people want to enjoy the home they live in. We are actually selling more art than before the outbreak.

Un Généreux Coursier, Salvador Dalí.

Why did you decide to debut this exhibit in Miami?

A century ago, Dalí himself lived in a reality similar to ours, and what he did for culture in his time is unparalleled. We’ve taken over The Confidante with his 800-pound structure Saint George and the Dragon, a reference to us overcoming 2020 and these turbulent times, along with Dalí’s egg, bronze sculptures, and works on paper. I also have six local artists doing tribute pieces with Dalí-esque influences throughout the hotel, two cabanas with photo-op experiences, and a pop-up tattoo station. The goal is to inspire and give people hope. We’re at a very tough time, but Miami isn’t canceled. We’re here to bring our city alive and make art accessible. The Real Surreal is here to represent the surreal reality we currently live in, and our will to overcome it. We are going to prevail because we always do.

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