Local Mompreneurs Get a Little Love

Celebrate three fabulous Miami moms who effortlessly balance family and being a business owner

Alina Villasante, Courtesy of The Simkins
Courtesy of The Simkins

Alina Villasante

Job: Founder and designer of Peace Love World

Mother of: Frankie, 34; Christopher, 31; and Mia, 29

Creative superpower: I know what women like and what women want. I know how women want to feel. I have taken that philosophy and translated it into fashion. I hope to give back by empowering women and helping them bring their passion to life by inspiring them to love themselves through my message.

Career highlight: In 2012, I got a call from Oprah’s team about doing her tour merch. Long story short, a few months later I traveled the tour and Oprah came to my house. I still have a hard time believing it, but it goes to show that in order to better yourself, it is important to be inspired by positive role models and understand that even they are human beings with the same purpose.

Current state of mind: Mind, body, love. Anything that ignites my soul and aligns with my everyday life is what I am choosing to do more of.

Motherhood win: My three entrepreneurial kids turned out to be great people with good hearts. I don’t take that for granted any day in my life.

Life lesson: Showing up, leading by example, and believing in yourself is the hustle. The only way you are guaranteed to lose is by giving up or not showing up. Passion, exercise, faith, and believing in what you are doing is everything. The way you do anything is the way you
do everything.

All I want for Mother’s Day: Spending time with my kids and a card.

Diana Hernandez, Photo courtesy of Blos Rose9
Photo courtesy of Blos Rose9

Diana Hernandez

Job: Founder of Blos Roses and partner/head designer of The Spot Barbershop

Mother of: Victoria, 10

Creative superpower: My strength is being able to walk into a room and completely transform it in my head. It seems like magic. Design is my superpower.

Career highlight: I’m an industrial       designer by trade and worked in the toy industry for a couple of years. To date, my career highlight is product placement at major retail stores, such as Target, Toys “R” Us and Walmart. The feeling of walking down the toy aisle and seeing something I created still gives me adrenaline.

My role model: My mother is truly a combination of strength and compassion. Resilience is her superpower.

How I keep a work/life balance: Quality over time, proper prioritization, and understanding that a happy state of mind will translate into a happy life with my daughter. We have 30 minutes a day she calls “my 30 minutes,” meaning no phone, no distractions, and she picks the activity.

All I want for Mother’s Day: My daughter knows I love Hamsa symbols and once gave me a necklace with that charm. She knows I love the color red and has given me a red lipstick. I love anything under that thoughtful spectrum.

Nikki Simkins - CEO & Chairwoman of E11EVEN Vodka, Courtesy of The Simkins
Courtesy of The Simkins

Nikki Simkins

Job: CEO of E11EVEN Vodka 

Mother of: Jaden, 15; Eli, 12; and Harper, 5

Creative superpower: My gut speaks to me.

Career highlight: Since we launched E11EVEN Vodka, it has won numerous awards by prestigious institutions, which I am super proud about. Also, seeing my vodka on the menu at all of my favorite spots including Red Rooster, Casa Tua, and Lost Boy, among others, is just so rewarding.

My role model: My mother! She is the absolute strongest woman I know. She instilled in me a strong work ethic, that family comes first, and the sky is the limit.

My motto is: “Work hard and play hard.” Even though I am super busy, I take time for myself and practice yoga and meditation daily.

Life lesson: Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to put in the work. Always work hard. Nothing in life comes easy. Make sure to practice gratitude daily.

All I want for Mother’s Day: A handwritten card from my kids and husband. Going to brunch at Red Rooster followed by a day at Faena Beach. 

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