Livin’ the MAD Life Creates Fashion for a Cause

Aroon Duncanson

Megan Duncanson launched her brand Livin’ the MAD Life with her daughter and co-founder, Aroon Duncanson, to give fashionistas the option to carry art along with them rather than hanging it on a wall. As a domestic abuse survivor, Megan also designs with the intention to inspire and empower women. To create the vegan, cruelty-free bags, Megan either hand-paints the designs on acrylic or utilizes prints from her MadArt contemporary art line. The latest collection, Cityscapes, is inspired by the duo’s favorite places, from Miami to Dubai. Purses are $145, with additional styles ranging from $45 to $275. They’re available online and at White Cotton Club on Española Way. Here, Megan and Aroon discuss their brand and the Cityscapes collection, which is sure to appease wanderlust during a time when faraway travel has been put on pause.

Aventura Magazine caught up with the duo about designing the new collection, creating vegan and cruelty-free styles, and expanding the brand. Read more below:

MD: Each of the major cities portrayed in our Cityscapes collection has its own unique and vibrant personality, and it was such a cool way to capture and share these magical cities. A purse is something you usually bring with you on your day-to-day errands, and there’s something special about carrying around a piece that reminds you of a special moment you once had or memory you hold dear. During the pandemic, traveling has been nonexistent, so it’s nice to still be able to share the culture and cities we love, even if we are unable to visit them at this current time. 

AD: I’ve been sticking to a vegan lifestyle for the last few years, after learning about what goes on in the industry. It’s super important to me to make sure our products are vegan, and I knew there was a way to create something vegan but still maintain quality.

MD: I went through several manufacturers and a lot of test products to make sure we were providing true vegan and quality products. It was challenging to find someone who was able to bring my vision to life, but I’m so happy with how our line turned out.

MD: For now, Livin’ the MAD Life will continue to focus on purses, but MadArt does also have a separate company, which carries luxury cycling apparel at MAD Shredders.

Text by Chris Dultan

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