Lincoln Road Welcomes Pop-Up Retail

One of the district's featured retailers, Gabriel “Dash” Diaz, owner of pop-up nursery Plant Daddy, dishes on his retail concept future 

Cutting-edge concepts, new eateries, and eclectic artists can set up shop on Lincoln Road this season for a limited time. The Lincoln Road Business Improvement District has revealed a retail pop-up program, allowing emerging purveyors to use the open-air promenade as an experimental lab for their operations. Among those featured include Jozy DeFord of Renegade Rustlers, a funky boho-chic vintage boutique, and David Rosen, who owns his namesake art gallery and sculpture garden. Gabriel “Dash” Diaz will also operate his plant nursery, Plant Daddy, which has garnered a reputation among locals for its offerings and plant care know-how. Here, Diaz dishes on his retail concept future. 

Gabriel “Dash” Diaz

Why open a plant nursery?

I walked into a plant store three years ago, and my life was never the same. I fell in love with the peaceful energy of the place, had a great conversation with the owner, and left with my first plant—a ponytail palm. Now my apartment is home to 70 plants. During the early stages of the pandemic, I was reevaluating my life decisions, and something just clicked. I decided to turn my green thumb into a business, and Plant Daddy was born.

Why do you think plants are gaining popularity?

It is scientifically proven that plants make people happy and brighten up their space. People take a plant home, watch it grow, and that has a great effect on their well-being.

What inspired your shop selections?

I carry everything from plants that only need to be watered once a week to more exotic, rare species like Alocasia Polly.

What advice do you have for new plant owners?

When people come into the store, I help them match their choices with the space they have available. I also sell water globes, planters, and pots designed to self-water to help with proper maintenance. Plants are simple, really. You just gotta water them, love them, and let them thrive.

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