Inside Studio Snaidero with Carlos Bustinza

Carlos Bustinza combines Italian craftsmanship with technological advances to create made-in-Italy kitchens at Studio Snaidero Hollywood


Carlos Bustinza combines Italian craftsmanship with technological advances to create made-in-Italy kitchens at Studio Snaidero Hollywood.

More than simple gathering places, upscale kitchens have become status symbols. They are often the first thing people see and judge when walking into a home and can instantly make it feel exquisite—or antiquated. Carlos Bustinza, a 30-year veteran of high-end kitchen design, has owned Studio Snaidero Hollywood since 2012 and has dedicated most of his life to the ever-changing industry. While American kitchens have been known for detailed wood-finished craftsmanship, he says new developments in Europe include clean sleek designs and cutting-edge finishes like lacquer that are durable and stable under high-traffic conditions. “Never before in the history of kitchen design have materials other than wood or paint been utilized to produce exciting cabinet materials and finishes,” says Bustinza. “Snaidero USA is now at the forefront of new innovation with a technological wave of materials and finishes we’re introducing to homes in the Americas.”

Snaidero USA’s latest collections introduce porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel with a gloss-lacquered topcoat, hand-finished aluminum and painted glass in gloss and matte finishes. Its ELEGANTE Bespoke collection features exotic woods including flamed eucalyptus in micro polyester gloss and matte finishes, and, to help save endangered woodlands, Snaidero is refinishing salvaged and reclaimed wood. Italian designers such as Paolo Pininfarina are revolutionizing existing, distinguished finishes to make materials more resistant to scratches and visible wear. Snaidero has additionally engineered an aluminum foundation that retains nearly any material applied to it. The sub-straight panel allows the team to attach the materials to existing cabinet boxes for kitchen, bathroom and living designs.

What makes you so passionate about kitchen design in general and Studio Snaidero in particular?

Nothing brings me more gratification than seeing the reactions of my clients once they see their dream kitchen come to life. It’s important to note that none of the kitchens I design are duplicated. Each kitchen is curated in a unique way to meet the client’s desires. The Snaidero brand has allowed me to customize its products to exceed beyond traditional design elements. Moreover, our various designs encompass traditional, transitional to ultra-contemporary styles, which gives us tremendous flexibility with any request.

What is the first thing people should take into consideration when embarking on a kitchen renovation?
When I meet a client, I always ask them to describe their style and kitchen usage. This allows me to exceed their original ideas and descriptions. I also strive to better educate my clients on how they can maximize their kitchen space and appliances.

You have said that “real luxury always includes a Made in Italy kitchen.”

Why is that?

Overall, Italians have truly mastered the art of quality, detail and design. The phrase “made in Italy” is synonymous with those characteristics. For over 25 years, I have personally witnessed Snaidero USA’s commitment to bringing the same quality, detail and design to America’s design industry.

What kitchen design trends are you seeing for the future?

In the last two years, gray has been the dominant color in modern design, with shades of white making a strong return. Next year, the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition, EuroCucina, will showcase warmer and darker colors, including brown, black, gold, copper, champagne, beige and taupe.

You offer exclusive collections, yet each is kitchen is unique. How does that happen?

Generally, our three main collections are used as a starting point. The overall outcome and uniqueness is from the delicate balance of years in the industry and the collaboration between my team and the client.

There are Collection Icons and Collection Systems on your website. What are the differences between the two?

Designs from the Icon Collection have been ingrained in the Snaidero brand for years, refined by subtle changes and innovative designs. Our designers developed the Sistema Collection to include a wide range of kitchen designs with the latest and most customizable platform.

Studio Snaidero Hollywood is located at 2860 Pershing St., Suite A, Hollywood. For more information, call 954.923.9860 or visit

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