Dream Facials with Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

The relaxing gemstone acupuncture facial works to rejuvenate the face and treat acne, rosacea, wrinkles, and more

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner<br/>Photo by Carlos Velez
Dr. Elizabeth Trattner
Photo by Carlos Velez

Whether you’ve been fawning over Dr. Elizabeth Trattner’s gemstone acupuncture facial on social media or have a growing interest in traditional Chinese medicine, book an appointment with her to reap major benefits. Nearly two decades ago, out of her interest in alternative healing methods, Dr. T pioneered this treatment, which features facial rejuvenation (also known as cosmetic acupuncture) and helps treat acne, rosacea, wrinkles, and more.

I met up with Dr. T at her new, 100-percent nontoxic North Miami Beach office to try this facial for myself. After an informative consultation, we got down to business. As I lay on a heated infrared gemstone bed, Dr. T began by covering my body in a crystal grid—meant to get beauty radiating from the inside out—and then it was time to start cupping, which circulates blood to the face and helps stimulate lymphatic drainage. Next came gua sha, which has recently become a much talked-about beauty trend. Gua refers to a smooth tool, typically made of quartz or jade, and sha is the “rash” you get from essentially scraping the tool against your skin, using long strokes to improve circulation (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!). We ended with the 5,000-year-old practice of acupuncture known to treat a variety of conditions such as migraines, insomnia, and anxiety. She placed the needles first on the crown of my head, then on different spots on the face, hands, and feet.

Managing  editor Melissa Puppo zens out during Dr. T’s facial.
Managing editor Melissa Puppo zens out during Dr. T’s facial.

After 20 minutes of Zen, Dr. T added her final touch: placing Swarovski “ear seeds” (tiny stimulation crystals) onto different points of my inner ear. I left glowing—my before and after photos are night and day—and with a deepened knowledge of holistic skin care. 

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