“Dance of the Ages” at ICA Miami

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami will present Adam Weinert's stunning ensemble choreography in an outdoor performance on January 28

ICA Miami presents "Dance of the Ages" by Adam Weinert.
ICA Miami presents “Dance of the Ages” by Adam Weinert.

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Miami will present the Adam Weinert Dancers in “Dance of the Ages” on Friday, January 28, at 6 p.m. in the museum’s Outdoor Sculpture Garden. The mesmerizing performance is the inaugural commission by ICA Miami’s Culture Club membership group, dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ representation in the arts.

Under Weinert’s direction, dancers will recreate a seminal 1938 ensemble work by the iconic Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers, the first all-male dance company. For his presentation at ICA Miami, Weinert’s recreation focuses on Shawn’s experimental technique and his under-recognized contributions to LGBTQIA+ history.

The choreography radically questions the traditional notions of masculinity, which helped to legitimize dancing as a profession for men. As the producer and choreographer of two award-winning dance films screened nationally and abroad, Weinert’s ICA Miami performance is highly anticipated.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online here.

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