Creative Curating with Jessica Goldman Srebnick

The curator and entrepreneur has led the way for a booming arts scene locally and beyond

Jessica Goldman Srebnick - Credit Nick Garcia
Photo by Nick Garcia

Art curator and entrepreneur Jessica Goldman Srebnick has devoted her career not only by navigating the real estate and art world but also by helping other creatives shine along the way. “I was taught to see creativity in all things,” says the daughter of the late Tony Goldman, the real estate visionary behind South Beach’s revitalization and Wynwood’s renaissance. “It was only fitting for me to embrace the arts in all forms. It is part of my DNA.”

Goldman Srebnick presently helms her family’s real estate business, Goldman Properties, and its curating arm, the creative collective Goldman Global Arts. She has spearheaded one-of-a-kind initiatives, like Art Unexpected, the street-art mural project at Hard Rock Stadium, with American artist Peter Tunney. The mother of three also serves as the Wynwood Walls’ lead curator. For her book Walls of Change: The Story of The Wynwood Walls, she teamed up with writer Hal Rubenstein and photographer Martha Cooper to celebrate more than 100 street artists featured in the open-air museum. Here, she shares her insight on Miami’s growing arts scene and more. 

How do the Wynwood Walls inspire the local arts scene?

The Wynwood Walls was created to be a place of hope, inspiration, and thought-provoking art. An open-air, curated museum meant to highlight the best street art in the world. What could be more inspiring? Having been closed for nine months, it gave us the extraordinary opportunity to reimagine our dreams for the future and an opportunity to incorporate vibrant programming in order to enhance the art, by incorporating dance, education, music, health and wellness, and much more with the hopes of inspiring locals, visitors and people of all ages to embrace, support, and celebrate the arts in new and innovative ways.

What does it take to create within the
Wynwood Walls?

It takes strong talent, unique style, consistency, and maturity in [an artist’s] craft. When it comes to an artist that catches my eye, I know right away when I am struck by someone’s work. I want to see more! Art had the ability to move someone. I am always moved, for different reasons, when struck by talent. I also watch the progression of an artist.

How do you infuse art into real estate?

In the past, architecture has been thought of as an unexpected canvas for art. No more. Real estate, of late, has embraced the marriage of art and architecture. As a company, we have always infused our Goldman Properties projects with creativity, including large-scale murals, sculptures, unique facade work, photography in our common spaces, and big, bold statements of creativity.

As a community on the rise, what’s in store for Miami’s future?

Miami is far beyond a community on the rise; we have been catapulted in our growth trajectory as a major international city. It’s not New York or Paris or San Francisco. [It’s] a hub for art and culture, a growing tech community, diverse real estate, hospitality, glorious weather, and so much more. In 2021 we are seeing a major influx of people moving to Miami. They are moving for the quality of life, for the energy, and for the opportunity to participate in a city of the future.

How will you continue advocating for the arts?

Supporting artists and bringing creativity to the world is a huge passion of mine. You’ll continue to see unique partnerships that put the arts on bigger platforms, along with collaborations and the desire to push the boundaries of my own abilities.

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