Cheeky Beauty with Miami Beach Bum

Ayssa Di Pietro’s Miami Beach Bum line protects and restores skin and hair

Ayssa Di Pietro’s (top right) Miami Beach Bum line protects and restores skin and hair
Ayssa Di Pietro

While it’s great to be outdoors, the sun and salt water can do a number on hair and skin. That’s why Ayssa Di Pietro founded Miami Beach Bum, a collection of eco-conscious and clean beauty products.

“There are a lot of mainstream products that have ingredients that aren’t the best for coral reefs, seagrass, or fish,” she says. “It was huge for us and our value system to have everything be as clean as possible.” 

With a background in marine science, Di Pietro spent a lot of time in wet suits and swimsuits and noticed she was developing rashes on her bum. When none of the normal remedies worked, she turned to her garden and created an effective concoction with oregano and aloe. Soon she was making batches for friends. She launched Miami Beach Bum in the summer of 2019 and now runs a a boutique in Sunset Harbour. Here, check out some of Di Pietro’s best sellers. 

Bum + Body Cream

Bum + Body Cream

The product that started it all. The cream is a mixture of aloe, oregano, and jojoba and comes in three scents: lemongrass, mint, and orange.

Miami Beach Bum Hair Shield

Hair Shield

This leave-in conditioner is a godsend for those who spend their days in the pool or ocean, as it protects your hair and scalp from damage.

Miami Beach Bum Blocked SPF 30

Blocked SPF 30 Body Sunscreen

A mineral sunscreen, this product is great for your skin and our ocean’s reefs, which can be damaged from SPF products. Plus, it’s deliciously scented with coconut and orange notes. 


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