Maria Buccellati inside her four- bedroom, two- story residence on Palm Island, Miami Beach. Photography by Jerry Rabinowitz

Maria Buccellati At Home

Equal parts stylish bon vivant and savvy businesswoman, Maria Buccellati embraces a new chapter in Miami
Miami couple Laurence McMillon and Alysse Richardson hosted friends for an ice cream social at Oasis Bar, a Wynwood Parlor ice cream outpost. Photography by Jerry Rabinowitz

Wynwood Parlor: Cream of the Crop

Laurence McMillon and Alysse Richardson throw an ice cream–centric get-together full of sweet Miami treats
Brittany Peltz Buerstedde is a fashion influencer, mother of three, and the founder of SENA Lifestyle Studio. Photography by Angela Howard Photography

Brittany Peltz Buerstedde Creates a Scene

With an eye to all things stylish and soulful, the fashion influencer's new venture aims to bring heavenly designs into earthly homes
Ashley Finestone, founder of Miami Mask Chains

Ashley Finestone is a Mask Chain Mogul

The Aventura-based entrepreneur set out to find more than a simple chain to hold her face mask, and ended up creating a fashion-forward invention instead
Alina Villasante, Courtesy of The Simkins

Local Mompreneurs Get a Little Love

Celebrate three fabulous Miami moms who effortlessly balance family and being a business owner
Adou Tablescape. Image courtesy of Luxe Fête Social

Nathalie Cadet-James Dials up the Luxe

Celebrity event planner Nathalie Cadet-James makes planning themed parties at home a breeze with Luxe Fête Social
Jennifer and Omer Horev, the restaurteurs behind Pura Vida. Photography by Vanessa Rogers

Breakfast Bash with the Horevs

Forget swanky soirees. Jennifer and Omer Horev prove that when it comes to entertaining, breakfast is the new dinner.
Jessica Goldman Srebnick - Credit Nick Garcia

Creative Curating with Jessica Goldman Srebnick

The curator and entrepreneur has led the way for a booming arts scene locally and beyond

Verses and Vibes with Campbell McGrath

Learn about the poet and read The Everglades--one of his many Florida-centric poems
Kevin Sharpley, Photo by Ramon Yepez

Kevin Sharpley Tells Silver Screen Stories

The filmmaker has a hand in nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry—and that’s just the way he likes it