Bruce Munro Installation Illuminates Pinecrest Gardens

Thousands of glowing stemmed glass spheres will enchant evenings at the gardens through June 26 in "Bruce Munro: Forest and Field of Light"

Longwood - Copyright © 2012 Bruce Munro. All rights reserved. Photography by Mark Pickthall #3
Photo courtesy of Bruce Munro / Mark Pickthall

The Village of Pinecrest and Pinecrest Gardens debuted “Bruce Munro: Forest and Field of Light,” an extraordinary large-scale, site-specific light installation by acclaimed British artist Bruce Munro, on December 4, in celebration of Art Basel. The mesmerizing outdoor exhibition will be on view in the gardens through June 26, 2022. Guests are welcome to explore the special exhibit 6-9 p.m. though March 12, and from 7-10 p.m. from March 13 to June 26 (the gardens will be closed for private receptions December 8 and 18). Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for children, and are available here.

“Bruce Munro: Forest and Field of Light” features more than 6,000 fiber-optic illuminated stemmed glass spheres across nearly two acres of Pinecrest Gardens, and are inspired by the garden’s unique landscape and vegetation. “The beauty of this exhibit, set on a botanical stage, will bring our intimate gardens to life at night, as well as provide a breathtaking and otherworldly experience for anyone who attends,” said Alana Perez, executive director Pinecrest Gardens. “This is the first time we are opening up our Lower Garden, with its tropical, jungle-like winding paths, for visitors to experience an exhibit unlike any other in South Florida.” 

Atlanta - Copyright © 2015 Bruce Munro. All rights reserved. Photography by Mark Pickthall #3
Photo courtesy of Bruce Munro / Mark Pickthall

Field of Light will illuminate a garden path around a banyan tree up to Lakeview Terrace, Pinecrest Gardens’ most iconic vista. Deep in the Lower Garden, guests will find a winding, exotic tropical Forest of Light, a serene and enchanting pathway through the Cypress Slough, Hardwood Hammock, and natural rainforest. Immersed in tropical splendor, the illumination will be reflected in streams that surround Turtle Island.

Munro has created art with light since the 1980s and was one of the earliest creators to isolate light and its qualities as a main focus for expression, Field of Light being the most iconic example of this. The artwork began as a sketchbook notation made during a visit to Australia’s sacred Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in 1992. He dreamed of a field of lights that would bloom under night skies, like the desert after a rain. He completed the work in 2004. 

Pinecrest Gardens will be the artist’s first opportunity to create outdoor artwork for a tropical forest setting. And, because of the diversity of Pinecrest’s landscape and plant collections, Munro thought to create a second iteration for the field surrounding Swan Lake, creating a second vista of the artwork and its reflected image in the water.

“Every exhibition venue is unique and I am delighted to be invited to exhibit my work at Pinecrest Gardens,” Munro said. “For me, light is a medium of expression and conduit to share thoughts, feelings and life experiences with others. I hope this exhibition will inspire a little bit of hope and joy to everyone who visits these beautiful gardens.”

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