Brighter Days Ahead at The Office

The Miami Design District gallery joined forces with Canadian artist Thrush Holmes to unveil "Brighter Days," on view through September 19

The OFFICE x Thrush Holmes in the Miami Design District, on view to September 19
Thrush Holmes’ “Brighter Days” will be on view at The Office. through September 19.

The Miami Design District’s The Office. joined forces with Canadian artist Thrush Holmes to unveil “Brighter Days,” a curated solo exhibition of the artist’s work, on view to September 19. The showcase expresses the emotions of the long-anticipated reopening of the world, assesses the atmosphere of a nation continuing to fight COVID, and examines the public’s mixed feelings of the aftermath.

The exhibition made its debut in the modern art gallery on July 24. The works on display navigate the complexities of a nation grappling with the pandemic, with punctuations of humor and exuberant sentiment throughout. A handful of pieces examine the American public’s layered–and sometimes opposing–feelings about the aftermath of the virus, the vaccine, and the quick/mixed messaged reopening of the country, with dark nuances, splashes of vibrant hues, and fluorescent neon.

Holmes explores traditional artistic themes while channeling a more contemporary style, contrasting poetic expressions with an unapologetically punk sensibility. Entirely self-taught aside from a two-week stint in art school, Holmes’ process mirrors his ambitions. He creates 20-foot tall paintings in single sittings and his signature is often large enough to be considered a compositional element.

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