Baker’s Delights at Frudéco

Celebrate any holiday with a custom showstopping cake from Frudéco

Easter Bunny Ears Cake from Frudéco
Easter Bunny Ears cake from Frudéco

Wondering how to make this Easter, Mother’s Day, or other upcoming holidays and milestones extra special? We’ll let you in on our one-word secret: Frudéco.

The bakery and dessert shop in Miami’s Little River neighborhood specializes in the most extraordinary and Instagram-worthy layered cakes—all bejeweled in fresh fruits, macarons, merengues, and handcrafted chocolates. Every month, the creative team brainstorms new shapes, designs, and special flavors for upcoming holidays, using an idyllic duet of almond flour base and housemade diplomat cream as a blank canvas for ingenuity.

Mother's Day Cake from Frudéco
Mother’s Day Cake

Take, for example, the large Easter Bunny Ears cake, a colossal 19-inch by 14-inch pastry marvel that serves 18. It’s sure to wow family and friends with its adorable shape and artistically arranged toppings. Though pastel hues are most common, like all Frudéco cakes, this one can be customized. Get creative with the base, the cream, and even the toppings upon ordering—their online form makes it easy to do so—to put a personal spin on a holiday dream cake.

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