An Imagined Future at Artechouse

Wander through five immersive, interactive galleries depicting a "cyberpunk cityscape" in "Renew 2121" through May 1

Scenes from Renew 2121 at Artechouse in Miami
A scene from “Renew 2121” at Artechouse in Miami.

In 2018, Miami’s Artechouse came on the scene as the nation’s first innovative art organization dedicated to the intersection of art, science, and technology. Since then, it has debuted various programming for guests near and far. Artechouse’s latest exhibition is “Renew 2121,” which utilizes the power of creative technology to raise awareness about the dangers posed to the environment and foster conversations and actions that inspire meaningful change.

Scenes from Renew 2121 at Artechouse in Miami 1Guests will be transported into an imagined future a century from now, where nature’s resilience takes center stage against a backdrop of an over-developed city reminiscent of Tokyo. Traverse through five immersive galleries depicting a “cyberpunk cityscape” and explore nature blooming (via cherry blossoms) in the most unexpected places. The exhibit, which runs through May 1, encourages visitors to interact with the flowers to continue our future growth.

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