7 Smart Tech Picks for All

Today’s coolest gadgets and products on the market


UV Magic

Handheld UV light wand ($99.98), CHI Life, sanitize 99.9 percent of smartphones, laptops, and other surfaces with the power of ultraviolet light.

Mix & Match

Control Bottle (from $39.95), CTRL, the one-liter bottle delivers personalized mixed beverages with the ease of a single pour.

Say Cheese

Hi-Print pocket printer, ($99.99/printer; $16.99/two cartridges), Polaroid, capture your favorite moments with this portable printer that turns photos, screenshots, and the digital world into self-adhesive prints.

Get Smart 

Insulated stainless steel Bluetooth smart water bottle with Hydration Tracker app (from $59.99), HidrateSpark STEEL, stay hydrated throughout the day with a glowing reminder and water intake app.

2020 Vision

Watts frame in Hudson blue fade with blue-light filtering lens, (from $145), Warby Parker, these stylish glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harsh digital screens.

Stay Connected 

Popl Direct (from $14.99), POPL, instantly share contact info, social media profiles, and more by simply touching this tech accessory on the back of someone’s phone.

Clean Freak

Self-sanitizing copper phone case, ($39), Aeris, keep protected from viruses and bacteria with the world’s first antipathogenic phone case made from copper. For every purchase, the company donates one case to healthcare workers on the front lines.

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