23 Medical Professionals Offer Insight

The Pinnacle of Reconstructive Dentistry

Dr. Jose Alvarez is a leader in reconstructive dentistry, dental implants, and more.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

For more than 24 years, Dr. Jose Alvarez has been serving the South Florida community, establishing himself as one its leading reconstructive dentists. Dr. Alvarez is an award-winning graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine. He then furthered his education by completing a hospital residency at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA, followed by an intensive training at the Misch Implant Institute, one of the world’s leading training centers for dental implantology. Here Dr. Alvarez honed the skills that led him to earn the titles of Fellow, then Master and finally of Board-Certified Implant Diplomate of the ICOI, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Alvarez is a pioneer of computerized ceramic restoration technology known as CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), he brought an innovate and modern approach to traditional reconstructive dentistry. Our team has been able to transform, rebuild and enhance the smiles of thousands of patients over the years due to mastery and artistry that Dr. Alvarez proudly brings to each individual case.


You offer a full suite of different services. What are some of the special services your practice provides?
We combine our professional experience in bone and gum tissue grafting/regeneration techniques and implantology with functional and cosmetic dental rehabilitation, what we like to call “smile-rejuvenation.” This includes our Two-Visit Solution for straighter and whiter teeth with veneers or crowns and our Same-Day reconstructive dentistry, favorites of our out-of-state and busy patients. Aesthetic gum surgery and “gummy smile” corrections are also popular treatments with our patients. We proudly use the latest technology and techniques, including digital impressions, 3D CT scan for computer-guided surgery, CEREC technology and much more.

What is the core philosophy of your practice?
Our core philosophy is to provide a real solution to each patient’s individual dental health needs through proper diagnosis, followed by effective treatment in a comfortable and reliable setting. Finding these solutions and delivering the best work possible brings me the upmost joy and fulfilment as a professional. We achieve this by strive to restore health, function and beauty in a timely matter, with transparency, respect, and trust. The stigma around a dental visit could be a little frightening, our goal is to erase this and provide a space for wellness with our patient’s needs always at the forefront.

Your practice is always one step ahead of the curve. What are some trends you’re seeing?
Lately, trends in health, wellness and facial aesthetics are on the rise, which I think is great. Dental implants, crowns and veneers are vital in facial structure support. We are pioneers in properly combining these with dermal fillers and neuromodulators (like Botox) to balance a patient’s face as a complete treatment.

The office of Dr. Alvarez is located in North Miami Beach, close to Sunny Isles, Aventura, Miami Beach, Midtown, Brickell and the surrounding areas.

The Best in Beautification

Dr. Andrew Amunategui and Dr. Jose Munoz offer South Florida’s most impressive and luxurious suite of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Dr. Andrew Amunategui, together with his associate, Dr. Jose Munoz, helms one of the most impressive practices in plastic surgery in the country, let alone South Florida. Dr. Amunategui is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the University of Miami School of Medicine. His full suite of cosmetic procedures, from the fundamental to the most groundbreaking, provide clients with the very best in South Florida. Dr. Munoz completed his general surgery and plastic surgery fellowship two years ago and is now starting his second year in the practice, focusing on reconstructive surgery of the breast and body. Dr. Munoz also specializes in facial injectables. Both physicians oversee a luxurious office that provides the very best in breast augmentation, body augmentation, facial cosmetic procedures, a full MediSpa, minimally invasive procedures and even hair restoration services. With one location, conveniently located in Aventura—where Dr. Amunategui has practiced exclusively for 22 years—patients the world over venture to the office of Drs. Amunategui and Munoz to make their cosmetic aspirations a reality.


Both of you have impressive accolades and backgrounds. How do you balance the duties at the office?
I am a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing exclusively in aesthetic plastic surgery and located exclusively in Aventura for over 22 years. I trained at Johns Hopkins University, University of Miami, Wayne State University in Michigan, IUPUI/Indianapolis, and Baker/Gordon cosmetic plastic surgery fellowship in Miami. Dr. Munoz completed his general surgery and plastic surgery fellowship two years ago and is now starting his second year with my practice, focusing on reconstructive surgery of the breast and body. He specializes in facial injectables including Botox and fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Versa and Radiesse. I personally handle all cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements/injections including Neograft hair transplants and Mommy makeovers.

Your practice is always on the cutting edge. What are some examples of some treatments that really bring the latest and greatest in aesthetic solutions?
Our goal is to continue to provide state-of-the-art, highly individualized cosmetic treatments and surgery while maintaining the highest standards of safety as we have done for over 22 years. Some popular trends include Mommy Makeovers, BBL (Brazilian butt lift), PRP Neograft hair transplants, PRP/skin pen, Hydrafacials, “liquid” (nonsurgical) rhinoplasty/chin augmentations, and Aquagold treatments.

One of the unique aspects of your practice is the brilliant way it delivers top-level feeling for your clientele. What can they expect?
Our practice is known for the one-on-one individualized doctor consultations—with a meticulous review of options and expectations in a concierge-type environment and, of course, unparalleled results. From our exclusive home base in Aventura, we serve the greater Fort Lauderdale-Miami area from Boca/Delray to the Florida Keys. Accommodations are arranged by Clara, our surgical coordinator, for our out-of-town clientele.

Dr. Andrew Amunategui is located at 21355 East Dixie Highway, Suite 109, Aventura. Call 305.931.9316 or visit drandrewamunategui.com.

Building Brilliant Smiles

Dr. Margo Brilliant and Dr. Jeff Rothenberg and their Orthodontic team continue to build brilliant smiles as South Florida’s premier orthodontics practice.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

With a name befitting her prowess, Dr. Margo Brilliant has been practicing orthodontics for 35 years and counting. Together, she, Dr. Jeff Rothenberg and the Brilliant Ortho team have been Aventura’s only full-time orthodontic practice since 2004. Dedicated to building custom treatment plans that deliver individualized treatment results, Dr. Brilliant and Dr. Rothenberg has perfected the down-to-earth, accessible orthodontic experience in a family-oriented, comfortable environment. Both Dr. Brilliant and Dr. Rothenberg are active members of the Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, South Florida Association of Orthodontists and the North Dade Dental Society. Dr. Brilliant is a former president of the South Florida Association of Orthodontists and has been recognized for participating in the “Our Kids” initiative, a program dedicated to providing free orthodontic treatments to children in foster care. Born and raised right here in South Florida, Dr. Rothenberg is a North Miami Beach native and a former president of the North Dade Dental Society and active member of two local Seattle Study Club affiliates. He is also an educator for Stop the Bleed Organization, a grassroots effort to raise awareness for proper response to bleed emergencies.


Your office is renowned for the cutting-edge treatments and technology you offer. Can you share some of these?
Brilliant: Our office specializes in treating all types of orthodontic malocclusions (or “bad bites”). We work with patients who have TMJ, snoring, and dental and skeletal deformities. We stay up-to-date with the latest advances in dental and orthodontic technologies—we currently have three 3D intra-oral scanners which have replaced the traditional gushy dental molds. We also have three 3D printers that help us make orthodontic appliances and retainers in our fully equipped in-house laboratory.

Rothenberg: Some of the responsibilities I deal with daily are conventional orthodontics, clear aligner therapy, skeletal anchorage placement and utilization, dentofacial growth modification, sleep and snore medicine, mouth guard fabrication, preparation for full mouth rehabilitation for future restorations pertaining to adults as well as digital technology utilization and 3D printing.

Your practice is always at the forefront of new treatments and trends. What are some of the latest trends or innovations you’re seeing in your realm of expertise?
Brilliant: We are noticing that more adults want to start orthodontic treatment and that there is great interest for patients to seek clear aligner therapy. I am one of the few distinguished and highly experienced “Platinum Invisalign providers” in South Florida. Another trend is the focus on treatment to correct skeletal problems at an early age. We treat and follow up with our patients starting at a young age to ensure timely and effective correction of bite problems.

Rothenberg: Clear aligner therapy and unsupervised orthodontic care are the big topics of the profession. More and more patients are seeking a clear option for their treatment. It is our job and responsibility to educate patients on all their options and the limitations with each treatment modality. Clear aligner therapy is a big part of our practice, as we are a fully digital office with no traditional putty or alginate impressions. We provide the best of care that clear aligner therapy can provide and have amazing results daily.

What drives you to continue to be the premier orthodontic practice in the region?
Rothenberg: Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of quality care to those seeking orthodontic treatment in a comfortable yet professional environment. This level of care can only be achieved by our continued commitment to learn and excel in an ever changing industry.

Brilliant: Our goal is to provide the most healthy, functional and aesthetic result that can be maintained for a lifetime. It is also important for me to give back to the community. I am very active in supporting all local schools and various athletic programs. I am a volunteer for “Our Kids,” a foster care organization that provides free orthodontic care for five foster children at all times. I am also a mentor for Women for Tomorrow, an organization that supports and mentors disadvantaged and at-risk youth in the local area. We are part of the community and we have been a part of the community for over 35 years!

To learn more, call 305.933.1415 or visit brilliantortho.com.

Aventura’s Best in Dental Care

Dr. Jessica Cismas and the team Aventura Dental Group have led the area in cosmetic and general dentistry for 33 years and counting.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Since 1986, the Aventura Dental Office has been Aventura’s premier provider of high-quality cosmetic, general and periodontal services. Dr. Jessica Cismas joined the Aventura Dental Group family in 2017 and leads a team of highly trained, highly experienced staff that includes four practitioners. Dr. Cismas received her Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry in 2005 and completed her General Practice Residency in 2006 from the University of Montreal and McGill University, respectively. An avid participant in several dental group studies on a per-weekly basis, in addition to a multitude of continuing education courses, Dr. Cismas continues to excel thanks to her real-world experiences and non-stop commitment to perfecting the craft of dental care. Prior to her arrival in Aventura, Dr. Cismas spent over 12 years working in a variety of dental offices. She brought her decade-plus of experience to South Florida, where she prides herself on delivering the highest level of dental care, with an emphasis on accessible, patient-centric care provided in a warm, welcoming environment. While the Aventura Dental Group calls Aventura home, a large amount of the practice’s diverse clientele are seasonal patients and are spread through the South Florida region.


You have a lot of impressive experience. What sorts of jobs do you typically handle at your practice?
I have treated over 55,000 patients and have performed thousands of successful crowns, bridges, emergency treatments, root canals, fillings, extractions, night guards, veneers, flippers, Valplast, partial and full dentures, periodontal treatment and restorative implant dentistry. I also have a wealth of experience in sleep apnea dentistry, Voco, FIRSTFIT, Invisalign, Clear Correct and Snap On Smiles. Our practice is equipped to perform dentistry at the highest level, with extremely qualified professionals. We have confidence in our work because of our experience and the fact that we will only use the best supplies and labs.

You’re always on top of the latest studies and trends. What’s something you’ve keyed in on to enhance your level of service?
Regarding health and wellness, I would have to say the trend is still focused on healthy gums, and now more than ever. There are constantly new studies coming up showing how bacteria in your mouth can go to any part of your body and cause or aggravate problems. In our clinic, we always like to start from the bottom up, like building a house. For example, before a patient gets a beautiful set of veneers, we need to make sure they have a good foundation, and healthy gums. This trend might be old, but there are many advances on how to achieve healthy gums, through the use of very specialized topical antibiotics, lasers and collagen scaffolding. There are also many new treatments that patients can do on their own at home with small equipment, specialized toothbrushes and even medicated lollipops.

Tell me what sets you apart from the competition.
Patients tell me I differ from other dentists because of my artistic abilities. I think interior decorators can understand me best when I say, I have an eye for this profession. From my years in practice in Manhattan, especially in the tougher areas, I was always presented a challenge, to make something from nothing. I became very good and quick at seeing what is the least amount of work needed, to make something beautiful. Patients also tell me that they can tell that I love what I do. I have a passion for cosmetic dentistry and find a lot of satisfaction when a patient loves their teeth.In general, when you visit our office, we always present a patient with the ideal treatment first and then give many other alternative treatment options. We never push any treatment, but help guide the patient towards a treatment that is best for them. We are very understanding and treat all of our patients as we would our own family. We are not a high-volume practice. The patient is always in control. Our goal is to get our patients happy and healthy.

Aventura Dental Group is located at 20475 Biscayne Blvd., Suite G9, Aventura. For more information, call 305.935.4030 or visit venturadentalgroup.com.

Mind, Body, SOL

SOL Yoga takes the yoga world by storm, thanks to its modern approach on health and wellness. Infrared-heated yoga studios combined with best in class teachers, staff and cutting-edge wellness offerings—from its signature LED facials to smoothie bar and acupuncture, Floridians can’t get enough.

By Eric Edelman

Catherine DeFrancesco, owner and founder of SOL Yoga, is more than one of South Florida’s most ambitious and ground-breaking entrepreneurs—she’s a mom, investor, visionary, world traveler and a certified yoga and holistic nutrition expert with more than a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience.

DeFrancesco’s SOL Yoga (SOL is an acronym for ‘Secret of Life’) is part state-of-the-art wellness hub and part super-modern, super-sleek yoga studio. What started as an inchoate desire to share yoga with as many people as possible has evolved to be more about total-body nourishment from the inside out giving Floridians the most unique and ‘feel good here’ destinations on the map.

What’s sets it apart from others includes SOL Yoga’s infrared heated studios, its CBD-infused wellness products, acupuncture, LED skin treatments and smoothie bar – among other offerings. There’s also a Concierge team to greet and serve clients, with complimentary mat rentals. Whether through its products, its variety of yoga, pilates and sculpt classes led by inspiring instructors, DeFrancesco says the SOL vision isn’t done yet, with more expansion on the horizon.


Beyond just yoga, your locations offer health and rejuvenation services/products—from LED light therapy to acupuncture. Is the goal to be a yoga studio that offers these additional services or a health/therapy clinic that teaches yoga?
Yoga is the primary. It’s what I truly believe is the “secret of life,” which led me to discover so much more about health, including acupuncture, healthy nutrition, meditation and more. But that’s not to say you have to love yoga to appreciate SOL Yoga. Health and wellness go hand in hand. And something I believe we’re all trying to improve, so why not make it more accessible? Like most people, I know how precious our time is. And more often than not, we feel behind the clock. We’re working full-time, raising families, running errands and have little time for self-care unless we truly make it a priority and carve it out.

It’s why I wanted to bring extra services to SOL Yoga, such as a healthy smoothie bar, acupuncture therapy and LED skin treatments.

What are some popular trends you’re noticing in health and wellness as a whole?
People want convenience, they want simplicity and they want to feel better. Just witness the explosion of CBD products, meditation and the notion of self care as a priority now. It’s becoming more obvious increasing our health is not an overnight fad, but something we can directly impact in a multitude of ways. For most, it means improving our energy, reducing our stress and getting better sleep.

From infrared heat and light therapy to vegan health supplements and clean beauty products, there’s no shortage of options to help us improve our health and wellness, and why I believe and know first-hand,

SOL Yoga gives people the one-stop destination they want, deserve and carve out time for.

Can you expand on some of these upcoming products and services you’re looking to offer?
Currently, I’m focused on phase two of our Fort Lauderdale location which is a blow-dry bar called “coco & vava” after my daughters. We have the space and designs ready and will begin execution very soon. Whether post-yoga or just because, it will give our clients and the Fort Lauderdale community a place to unplug and experience our line of luxury haircare products from Italy, and infused with CBD.

To learn more, visit solyogaflorida.com or call 305.549.8550 (Miami location) or 954.368.3882 (Fort Lauderdale location)

Innovations in ENT Medicine

Dr. Paul Fass, who has practiced ear, nose and throat medicine for four decades, is an “old school” doctor who also offers the latest treatment options.

Dr. Paul Fass, MD, FACS, is a highly experienced and widely respected ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor who specializes in the treatment of sinus conditions, allergies and asthma-related diseases. He earned his medical degree at New York Medical College in 1965. He is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy.


What distinguishes you from other ENT doctors?
I’ve been in solo practice for more than 40 years. I treat and manage all ear, nose and throat problems, but I specialize in sinus, allergy and asthma-related diseases. And what really sets me apart today is that there is no intermediary between me and the patient—no physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. I’m very “old school.” You get me.

What else sets you apart?
We offer the most innovative diagnostic techniques, such as a CT scan of your sinuses. My office is to up to date with the most modern equipment, including an in-office CT scanner. The benefits to patients of offering that are convenience and immediate diagnosis, as well as easier and more immediate planning of treatment.

What’s new and innovative right now in ENT medicine?
New skin and blood tests that offer a more complete evaluation of your immune system, and how it affects your allergies. And in view of such new scientific knowledge and the latest advancements in technology, we’ve really been able to set the standard in the development of treatment plans for asthmatic patients. We also now use a multiplicity of biologics, which means a more direct approach to altering the course of more complicated allergic diseases based on biology. The advantages to patients include less recurrence of symptoms and less acute flare-ups, along with better overall control of their inflammatory disease.

Dr. Paul Fass is located at 2999 NE 191st St., Suite 200, Aventura. For more information, call 305.933.9953 or visit paulfass.com.

Always in Vein

Dr. Susan Fox and the team at Fox Vein & Laser Experts continue to break new ground, offering the very best in skin, vein and aesthetic rejuvenation treatments.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

While some clinics or physicians might use the word “expert” as a marketing gimmick, Dr. Susan Fox of Fox Vein and Laser Experts is a true master of her craft. She has been treating varicose veins with cutting-edge laser treatments for more than 20 years and has essentially mastered all things related to veins, laser treatments and a wide variety of skin rejuvenation procedures. After spending five years in Cleveland, where she was the first physician to utilize endovenous laser treatments, she moved to South Florida, which she has called home for the past 15 years. In Florida, Dr. Fox broke boundaries yet again as she was the first physician in Broward County to conduct a ClariVein treatment while being one of only a handful of physicians in the entire country to use it. Aside from her medical practice, Dr. Fox frequently uses her expertise to train other physicians, using her practice as a training facility. With two offices—one in Hollywood, the other in Pembroke Pines—Dr. Fox is looking to bring her wealth of knowledge and experience to a city near you.


As the laser and vein experts, what treatments in particular do you provide?
My personal expertise is varicose veins, but overall, our practice specializes in vein and skin procedures. We are offering a stem cell formula and hair restoration package to regrow and restore fullness to hair that is fine. Microneedling helps fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes pore size with PRP stem cells. This and hydrofacials are what celebrities use before going on the runway. We also offer Varithena and VenaSeal to treat varicose veins without surgery and no scars or incisions. Also, lasers for tattoo removal—PicoWay, which is one of the the fastest and least painful ways to remove tattoos. We provide all kinds of facials, peels and skin rejuvenation. We even have our own skincare line and products.

For more than 20 years, your practice has continued to lead the market.

How do you do it?
I have an amazing staff of well-trained professionals that keeps growing. We are always on the
cutting edge.

What is the core philosophy of your business, and what separates you from everyone else?
Our core philosophy is: Patients first. We strive to make every patient happy and treat them like family. We want to educate people so they know vein problems are not just cosmetic and that looking your best does not require weeks of downtime and tons of money. Most of our procedures are minimally invasive and affordable. We have been voted best in Weston year after year and best medical spa in the Southeast by Aesthetics Everything. We try to offer the best and most minimally invasive cutting-edge and proven treatments available for veins and skin. We are constantly learning and expanding our practice to offer the best and most minimally invasive treatments available.

Dr. Susan B. Fox is located at 2699 Stirling Rd., Suite 301-302A, Hollywood. For more information, call 954.965.4922 or visit foxveinexperts.com.

White-Glove Wellness

For many Aventurans, discovering the medical experts at HealthGAINS is like finding the fountain of youth.

Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Since 2003, HealthGAINS has been helping those in-the-know optimize their health and wellness. Their white-glove approach to their patients’ needs and use of cutting-edge therapies has made them South Florida’s largest age-management practice. Pioneering hormone optimization, sexual dysfunction and enhancement therapies, and programs like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and EMSCULPT, it’s not difficult to see why even other practices choose HealthGAINS for training and instruction.


What are some of the ways your clinic helps patients to manage their age?
We typically care for patients that have chosen to make their physical, emotional, and sexual wellbeing a priority in their lives. To help support these patients, we offer a suite of custom therapies that help a person to look and feel better than they had previously thought possible. These busy professionals value speed and efficacy over gimmicks, so as a cornerstone of our practice, we work tirelessly to provide every patient with a truly white-glove experience that will ultimately return them to peak health and help them to avoid future disease quickly and efficiently.

Why is sexual optimization and enhancement important to a person’s overall health?
There’s a lot of data supporting a healthy sex life as an integral part of a happy, healthy life. And although we help a lot of men and women optimize their sex lives, a big portion of our practice is devoted to helping men and women overcome sexual dysfunction. The truth is, sexual dysfunction is much more common than people think. For example, it affects 30 million men in just the U.S. alone! As people become savvier about their bodies and health, more have come to realize that most of the underlying causes of sexual, and in particular erectile dysfunction stems from poor heart health. This makes sexual dysfunction one of the most reliable and powerful indicators of future heart attack and heart death, so addressing these issues early on can not only improve a person’s life in the short term, it can also help to extend it which we think is pretty important.

How has HealthGAINS grown to be South Florida’s largest age-management practice?
A big part of our success has really just been about putting our patients first. This single idea informs every decision we make and it’s allowed us to help thousands of people since we opened in 2003. We’ve also pioneered truly comprehensive care for all of our patients as we realized early on that being cured isn’t where the work of healing ends, but rather where it begins. Being available as a reliable and constant resource for patients is, in my opinion what has made our community of patients more like a family and why I believe they are so happy and willing to refer family and friends to us.

HealthGAINS is located at 2920 NE 207th St., Suite 901, Aventura. For more information, call 305.424.2995 or visit healthgains.com.

Like a Dentistry in your Living Room

Dr. Michael Jacobs and North Miami Dental Group team combine at-home comfort with cutting-edge dental solutions and technology.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

No matter the physician’s office, going to the doctor mostly feels like going to the doctor. Dr. Michael Jacobs sought to change that by making patients feel as if they were having their teeth worked on from the comfort of home, only in the comforting, family-room feel of the offices of North Miami Dental Group. Dr. Jacobs serves clients from all of Miami-Dade, South Broward Broward, and, as he says, “any area that is need of a really good dentist.” North Miami Dental Group offers the latest and greatest in general and cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics and endodontics. Dr. Jacobs graduated from the University of Arizona in 1999 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Biochemistry, then from Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine in 2005. He has practiced for over 15 years, all in South Florida.


You’re big on delivering a “family room” kind of feel in your practice. How do you accomplish that?
Our patients want a clean, relaxing environment with all the latest technological advancements. All of our instruments and equipment are brand new and up to date to provide optimal dental treatment. Our office provides a very comforting, high-tech atmosphere. We strive to make patients feel at ease. We designed the office with comfort in mind. Patients get cool shades to protect their eyes and block out the overhead light. We provide pillows, blankets and wireless headsets, so that patients can watch Netflix, Hulu or anything that takes their minds off of the dental work.

You offer a whole host of dental procedures and services. How does your team handle so many different services?
We have a team of dentists who are all uniquely trained to provide dental care in all areas and facets of the industry. We have an endodontist with over 22 years of experience; an oral surgeon who can place implants, take out wisdom teeth, and do all periodontal procedures; and an orthodontist to place braces or Invisalign. We also have two general dentists to complete all cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Personally, I love doing cosmetic work and providing patients with that “wow” factor for their smiles. We are also well trained in Botox and Juvederm fillers to provide patients with an entire face makeover.

As an office, what do you do differently?
We take our time. Every patient in our office is a family member. We genuinely are interested in their lives and want to help them in any way we can. When you come to our office, you will see the difference between us and a dental chain—or what is commonly referred to as a “group practice.” We never treat a patient as a number. Patients are treated as we would treat our own brother, sister, father or mother: with respect. Patients in our office never feel rushed. We schedule so that patients get the detailed care that they deserve.

For more information, visit North Miami Dental Group, 15400 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 116, North Miami or northmiamidentalgroup.com.

Unparalleled Urological Care

Dr. Richard Levin is a regional leader in modern, compassionate urological health and other related disorders.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Dr. Richard Levin epitomizes top-tier urological health for men. As an expert who treats urinary tract issues in males and females, Dr. Levin’s versatility as a physician is unmatched. Dr. Levin’s wealth of knowledge includes urological conditions as a whole, endocrinological issues, oncological, internal medicine concerns, pediatrics, gynecology, and other related specialties. Boasting a certification from the American Board of Urology and Fellow distinction with the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Levin’s associations and memberships are as impressive as his professional proficiencies and experience. Dr. Levin’s wealth of knowledge is constantly evolving, as he frequently has numerous publications under his name and is a consistent lecturer at the Aventura Cancer Conference. Dr. Levin earned his medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine and offers his talents and expertise as an Associate Professor of Urology at the Nova Southeastern School of Medicine. Despite his practice being based in Aventura, Dr. Levin sees patients from throughout South Florida and Latin America and has been practicing since 1996.


Your expertise is wide ranging and impressive. So what are some major areas of expertise for you?
Men’s health and men’s fertility, such as prostate problems, testosterone and Ssxual health and general health. Also, kidney stones, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. I founded the Aventura Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center. I utilize the most advanced techniques and have the most up-to-date training and expertise. Regarding, urological cancers, I perform minimally invasive surgery as well as Microscopic, laparoscopic and robotic Surgery. I am among the few Urologists able to handle major open surgeries as well. I see referrals from across the country and even Latin America.

Minimally invasive treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Where does your firm stand on treatments?
Minimally invasive/office based surgery and prevention are what most patients want. I can provide that the vast majority of times. We offer REZUM in the office as well as in-office vasectomy and other procedures. I am one of the few Urologists skilled in Vasectomy Reversals as well.We can do an entire Men’s Fertility evaluation, all in the office, as well. We also also Penile Rehabilitation with Non Invasive Shock Wave Therapy. Very new, very safe.

What makes your practice different from others that treat urology and related issues?
We are unique, because no other Urology practice offers what we offer, in the manner we offer it, with patient satisfaction like ours. In fact we also offer corrective care/second opinions on a regular basis, with great results, to help patients who have had a poor prior experience elsewhere. Urodocs is the best for our patients!

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit richardlevinmd.com or call (305) 932-4444.

The Doctors’ Doctors

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, Dr. Sapir Karli and Dr. Nathan Klein, beloved by fellow physicians, form South Florida’s leaders in ophthalmological care, specializing in laser cataract surgeries.

By Eric Edelman

Eye Surgeons and Consultants, helmed by the trio of Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, Dr. Sapir Karli and Dr. Nathan Klein are South Florida’s preeminent eye surgeons, ophthalmologists and eye care specialists. Dr. Mendelsohn and Dr. Karli are especially adept at utilizing the latest in laser technology to treat cataracts. Their expertise and precision are unmatched; so much so that other physicians in the community choose Eye Surgeons and Consultants as their go-to. Dr. Mendelsohn has more than 30 years of experience and is a true pioneer in the field of ocular treatments and laser treatments to address cataracts and glaucoma. He completed his medical education and residency at Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Karli earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Health from Brandeis University, later earning her Doctor of Medicine degree and Research Distinction Award at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The practice is located in Hollywood, Florida.


What is the pace of your practice given its prominence and pristine reputation, especially amongst other physicians?
We see patients with emergencies and semi-emergencies immediately, 365/24/7. There is no other ophthalmology practice in South Florida that always offers immediate ocular care. Frequently, making a diagnosis and initiating treatment in a very prompt fashion can reduce complications and save eyesight. Furthermore, all 3 physicians are considered by their peers to be outstanding diagnosticians.

How do you go the extra mile to differentiate your practice from everyone else’s?
We have preeminent laser cataract surgeons who have excellent visual outcomes with a five-minute outpatient customized laser procedure. We see patients immediately for emergencies or semi-emergencies. We are ardent believers in preventive care. Our patients have our cell phone numbers and can reach us immediately with questions or concerns. Additionally, preventive care is gaining considerable traction and importance, especially in ophthalmology. We are unique in that all three physicians strongly emphasize ocular preventive care with every patient, tailoring personalized recommendations based on ocular findings in a comprehensive eye exam.

Given that you serve a large community in South Florida, what is the full scope of services you are most proud of?
We have patients come to our practice from a very large geographic radius and often come to our practice from outside the country, specifically to have custom laser cataract surgery. Often patients come for a second opinion or for us to take over their ocular care when things are not progressing as well as they should. No matter the reason, we are specialists in a vast array of eye surgeries But besides our unmatched expertise in medical and surgical care of the eye, our physicians are always available.. Laser cataract surgery is the number-one niche of our practice!

To learn more, visit call 954.894.1500 or visit myeyesurgeons.com.

It’s All in your Brain

Dr. Adam Nassery and the team at Spine and Wellness Centers of America are global leaders in pain management solutions.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Dr. Adam Nassery from Spine and Wellness Centers of America, despite an impressive résumé that includes a residency and fellowship at the distinguished Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, is quick to downplay his impressive accolades and experience. He’d rather speak of quiet backpacking escapades, long runs and watching his New York Giants play on Sundays, but Dr. Nassery’s medical experience makes him stand out amongst a crowd of cookie-cutter physicians. Dr. Nassery is the first board-certified neurologist to join the team at Spine and Wellness Centers of America, which is composed of a diverse team of multidisciplinary specialists that form one of South Florida’s most impressive rosters of medical professionals. Dr. Nassery has exhaustively researched topics that include multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, cognitive neuroscience, and most relevant to his practice’s primary focus, cervicogenic headache and lower-back pain. Spine and Wellness Centers of America has over eight locations throughout South Florida. Dr. Nassery’s office is located in the Aventura Medical Complex in Aventura.


When it comes to pain, what is the ultimate culprit?
Ever heard the saying, “It’s all in your head”? Well, it’s not far from reality. Pain is transmitted by the nerves. So, if we’re going to get technical: It’s all in your brain. As a doctor of the brain, spine and nervous system, my expertise is in the attention to the microscopic details. By details I mean I can draw the nerves exiting the neck and low back that course down the arms and legs, by memory, which is not only a great party trick but also gives me great insight on which areas to focus on during my procedural treatments.

What philosophy guides and structures your purpose?
My philosophy is to empower my patients to help themselves. The main goal is to decrease one’s pain so that they can become more active. The primary medication trend that has emerged in this industry is opiate-sparing therapy. There are many patients on these medications that suffer worsening pain and addiction; we now know in recent research that this class of medications actually worsens a person’s pain long-term. Many of the patients I have been fortunate to meet have had the best interest of their health and long-term pain goals in mind and are responsive to my philosophy.

The impressive accolades, the approachable demeanor—sure, those are unique, but what really sets you apart from the competition?
I work closely with our team of nine double-board-certified physicians who graduated from other prestigious medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic and others. We can solve severe pain management cases, which smaller medical clinics may not be fit to handle. In terms of my unique specialty: I treat patients as a pain neurologist. Again, it’s all in your brain!

To learn more, call 305.974.5533 or visit spinewellnessamerica.com.

A world Leader in Dermatology

Mark S. Nestor, M.D., PH.D. is a world leader and undisputed expert in all areas in dermatology—from surgery to cutting-edge skin cancer treatments and aesthetic skin care treatments.

Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Tell us about your background. How long have you been in the industry? How many locations do you have?
I am a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon specializing in all aspects of clinical dermatology and skin cancer treatments including radiation therapy and aesthetic dermatology. I am also the director of the Center for Cosmetic Enhancement and the Center for Clinical and Cosmetic Research in Aventura and a voluntary professor in the Department of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery and the Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. I have been practicing in the Aventura area for over 25 years. I received my M.D. and Ph.D. from UCLA and my dermatology training from New York University. I practice exclusively out of the Aventura location.


What sort of jobs or services can you handle? Give us a full idea of the scope your practice provides, as well as what you consider your personal expertise.
I am considered a world expert in cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. We have over 50 state-of-the-art devices in my office and I lecture around the world on the newest fillers and botulinum toxins. My research canter is involved with the latest clinical and cosmetic study trials. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art center for treating skin cancer and pre-cancerous conditions.

What are some popular trends you’re noticing in health and wellness as a whole? How is your practice responding to these trends?
The most important issue for health and wellness is prevention of disease, especially prevention of skin cancer. This involves careful monitoring and education as to those lifestyle changes that need to be made to prevent not only sking cancer, but aging of the skin. I pioneer some of the most innovative treatments for prevention and decreasing the signs of aging.

What is the core philosophy of your practice?
Our core philosophy is providing exceptional and complete patient care. Our patients always come first. Our clinical team is set up to make sure that our patients get no only the best care, but are treated personally and professionally in a way that will allow them to be happy and to look forward to come to our office. Additionally, when it comes to aesthetics, the most important ideal is to have patients look the best they can and also look natural. Artificial is not a good look for any patient.

There are a lot of health and wellness professionals in South Florida. What do you do differently than the competition?
We differentiate ourselves by giving the best care to our patients and by utilizing state-of-the-art science, coupled with a team of professionals who deliver compassionate and caring clinical and aesthetic treatment.

What areas do you serve?
Our patients come from all over South Florida and many come from a variety of states and countries worldwide.

Mark S. Nestor, M.D., Ph.D., the Center for Cosmetic Enhancement and the Center for Clinical and Cosmetic Research are located at 2925 Aventura Blvd., Suite 205, Aventura. For more information, call 305.933.6716 or visit marknestormd.com.

Universally Masterful in all Things Urology

Dr. Sanjay Razdan is a masterful pioneer of urological treatments, with a specialized focus on advanced technological treatments and men’s wellness.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Dr. Sanjay Razdan is not the typical urologist. Beyond just the general scope of work you would come to expect from a urologist, Dr. Razdan provides a diverse array of services that includes treatments related to prostate cancer and kidney stones. Dr. Razdan is an expert of male health issues, from postoperative erectile dysfunction to urinary incontinence, and also specializes in treating the aforementioned ailments in cancer patients. Dr. Razdan completed an advanced fellowship in robotic surgery and Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia soon after completing his urology residency at the University of Miami. Beyond mastering the pertinent scope of urological interventions, Dr. Razdan is a pioneer in utilizing robotic treatments to address prostate cancer, a realm of surgery where he paved the way in several avenues. Dr. Razdan also has a keen interest in improving post-surgical outcomes, and he also focuses on treating benign conditions like prostatic enlargement (BPH) and kidney stones. Dr. Razdan is a native Miamian whose primary office is in the city of Doral, but he also sees patients at Kendall Regional Hospital, Larkin Hospital and miVIP Surgical Center.


While you excel at the fundamentals, you also do a lot of ground-breaking treatments, too. Tell us more about some areas where you’ve really broken ground.
As a pioneer in the field of robotic surgery for treatment of prostate cancer, I have been instrumental in developing well recognized and accepted surgical techniques, including the use of dehydrated human amniotic membrane to protect and preserve the nerves responsible for erectile function, as well as maximizing urethral length (MULP technique) to keep patients continent after surgery.

As men age and change, so do their expectations of wellness and health. How do you adapt your treatments to these perceptions?
Perception of one’s own health status is a continuous process changing frequently in a lifetime. As a man advances in age his urologic concerns, among other conditions, hover around his erectile capabilities and the possible need of treatment for either benign or malignant prostatic enlargement. I have modeled my practice perfectly in line with these expectations, culminating into a highly satisfied and healthy patient. The only way this could have been achieved was by constantly upgrading my services and providing state of the art methods of treatment.

Patients around the world come to see you. How does that confirm that you’re offering services that are in demand and beneficial to the public at-large?
I am a global urologist, with a large percentage of my patient population comprised of international patients with prostate cancer. These patients do their research online to find the best surgeon for their disease, and through reading and watching patient testimonials, my prior news interviews, and reading my publications, they come to the conclusion that I can provide the care they need. That being said, I am a true Miamian and serve the South Florida community with great pride and dedication.

To learn more or request an appointment, call 305.251.8650 or visit miamiroboticprostatectomy.com.

VIP Service Minus the VIP Price

Dr. Gen Rozenblat, D.O., owner and medical director of VIP Aesthetic Center, a Med Spa at Hallandale Beach’s best kept secret in rejuvenating treatments—from vampire facials, fillers, noninvasive procedures and ultrasonic body sculpting, all with VIP services and top of the line products.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Dr. Rozenblat, a graduate of the Nova Southeastern University School of Osteopathic Medicine and member of the American Osteopathic Association, is one of South Florida’s finest osteopathic doctors. With extensive hospitalist experience and vast amount of clinical experience, Dr. Rozenblat wields masterful knowledge of the latest-and-greatest of rejuvenation treatments with pinpoint precision and proficiency. These include dermal fillers, all types of facials, body sculpting services, and more—all at unbeatable prices. She is tremendously experienced, and her expertly trained and experienced VIP team adeptly applies a full suite of South Florida’s finest aesthetic treatments to clientele from across the globe. Conveniently located in the heart of Hallandale Beach, for those looking to achieve the VIP look seemingly only available to the stars on the silver screen, think again. VIP Aesthetic Center offers the top quality of care and service with affordable prices. Combined with the overwhelming knowledge of Dr. Rozenblat, it’s easy to see why VIP Aesthetic Center is the finest Med Spa in the area. Located in Hallandale Beach, where patients can enjoy easy access and free parking. Dr. Rozenblat’s VIP Staff speaks English, Russian, and Spanish.


Your office aims to provide VIP service while ensuring that’s balanced with competent, well-trained staff.
Popular trends—there are more and more new products and non-invasive procedures are coming to market. The difference in our office is that we use only the best products and latest machines. On top of that we only employ staff with extensive experience and licensed in all areas to deliver the best results. We strive to provide VIP service.

What is the core philosophy of your business?
At our office, we aim to deliver the best products with VIP service, all while offering our services and expertise at a competitive rate.

There are a lot of health and wellness professionals in South Florida. What do you do differently than the competition?
No one can provide the services that we offer at the rates that we offer. We aim to deliver VIP care while delivering the best products and services around.

To learn more, visit VIPaestheticCenter.com or call 833.847.3628 or 833.VIP.DOCTOR.

Elite Aesthetics in Aventura

Dr. Andres Sarraga offers world-class plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments, conveniently located in Aventura.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Headed by Dr. Andres Sarraga, Storch Sarraga Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, tucked away in Aventura, is a fully accredited outpatient surgical facility that boasts top accreditation in addition to an operating room, a fully monitored and comfortable recovery area, and the capability of overnight recovery room within the facility. Dr. Sarraga performs a whole host of procedures, specializing in eyelid, face, neck and rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr. Sarraga’s practice is also home to a full suite of aestheticians who provide physician-developed, medical-grade facials, peels and other treatments. He attended medical school at the University of Puerto Rico. After becoming board-certified in general surgery, Dr. Sarraga completed his plastic surgery residency at the University of Massachusetts. In addition to a successfully completed fellowship in Ophthalmic & Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. He is presently active in numerous prestigious plastic surgery societies, including the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, and he offers his expertise as an oculoplastics consultant in addition to running his practice full-time.


What aspects of your practice are you especially proud of?
Our goal is to offer the most natural, safest options and to provide the best care for our patients. By having different tools—surgical and non-surgical—we can tailor each patient care depending on their goals and needs. Dr. Sarraga and his staff are exceptionally trained and have years of knowledge on the industry with a list of certifications of education and degrees, one most importantly being that he is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Many local health, wellness providers and surgeons are not board certified plastic surgeons and that is in fact what sets us apart from the rest.

What are some trends you’re noticing in 2019 and beyond in the world of plastic surgery?
In terms of wellness and health we have seen a lot of interest in using the body’s own tissues to heal and improve themselves. One example is the use of your own blood PRP (platelet rich plasma) for boosting healing and collagen production with resurfacing procedures or to stimulate hair growth. Fat grafting is also very popular to use instead of fillers to volumize your face and body naturally. Another area of great interest is the non-surgical body contouring using Coolsculpting to freeze and eliminate fat or the newest technology, EMSCULPT, to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles, raise the buttocks and even tone the calves and arms using HIFEM technology (electromagnetic stimulation). Patients are seeking this technology to boost their workout results and get back in shape after pregnancy; general strengthening in the older population and for physical therapy is also very common.

How do you stand out amongst the crowd of other plastic surgeons?
We are different because we provide the patient with the highest care of safety. We are located on the grounds of the Aventura Hospital. Dr. Sarraga and his staff are exceptionally trained and have years of knowledge on the industry with a list of certifications of education and degrees, one most importantly being that he is a board certified plastic surgeon. Many local health, wellness providers and surgeons are not board certified plastic surgeons and that is in fact what sets us apart from the rest.

To learn more, call 305.932.3200 or visit www.andressarragamd.com.

The Master of Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery

Dr. Abraham Wagner is South Florida’s premier podiatrist, specializing in minimally invasive functional and aesthetic procedures for the foot and ankle.

By Eric Edelman / Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

Dr. Abraham Wagner of JAWS Podiatry & The MIFAS (Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery) Institute ™ has taken the conventional experience of going to the doctor and streamlined it to an unconventionally comfortable level. With a clientele that stretches across the globe, a dozen-years-plus-and-counting of experience, and a five-physician team of South Florida’s best podiatrists and most dedicated support staff, there is a reason JAWS Podiatry is so well respected in the podiatric community. Aside from the traditional functional procedures, JAWS Podiatry allows for the same cutting-edge, minimally invasive methods to be performed for strictly aesthetic purposes. In addition, they also specialize in regenerative solutions like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cells, which Dr. Wagner personally pioneered for foot & ankle use. Dr. Wagner earned his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Barry University and completed his residency at South Miami / Baptist Hospital in Miami; a top-tier foot and ankle surgical training program in Florida by case volume and diversity. With its headquarters in Hollywood, JAWS Podiatry also has a satellite office in the state of Idaho.


You have hundreds of excellent reviews from real customers. You’ve said that the patient-office experience at JAWS Podiatry is unlike any other. Explain.
The difference starts the second you call our office. From our concierge, to our administrative staff, and our team of podiatrists. We use the latest-and-greatest offerings to make things more convenient. We deliver a premium, luxury-type experience for all of our patients. And the treatments themselves, we are doing something that no one else in the region can deliver: minimally invasive foot and ankle procedures with patient outcomes that no one else can match. That’s not me bragging; that’s just a fact.

You’ve said that your practice is “like a needle in a haystack.” What do you mean by that?
In the entire region, no one else is offering the full level of service and patient outcomes that we do. When I look at the foot, I look at it like it’s no different than any other body part. Just as plastic surgeons offer aesthetic treatments for other parts of the body, why not do the same for the feet? We are the only practice that provides aesthetic and functional surgical options while doing minimally invasive surgery. While we proudly serve countless patients throughout South Florida, I have clients that travel all the way from Europe and Latin America to visit us. We offer world-level expertise that’s available down the street for South Floridians looking for the very best podiatric care.

How do you achieve what others say is impossible in the world of podiatry?
I could tell you that we have the best technology. I could tell you that no one else has the tools and devices that we use, but the fact is, what makes us different isn’t the technology but rather the people and the minimally invasive care. What makes us tick is our amazing team—from the doctors to the support staff—that come together to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind, patient-first experience. No one else combines the one-of-a-kind customer service, community engagement, and world-class minimally invasive treatments like we do. No one, period. The secret to making it all happen is not only our team, but also the patients, whom I really consider to be extensions of my family, that come in and become members of the JAWS Podiatry family for life after their first appointment with us.

To schedule a consultation or learn more, call 954.922.7333 or visit jawspodiatry.com.

Flower Power

Dr. Michelle Weiner is ensuring Florida’s groundbreaking usage of medicinal marijuana is effective and responsible.

By Eric Edelman

Florida’s medical marijuana laws have yet to reach its third birthday, but it hasn’t stopped Florida from being second only to Oklahoma as the fastest growing market for medical marijuana. While droves of Floridians are looking to use marijuana for its medicinal purposes, the power of marijuana is being monitored closely, and medical professionals are ensuring that when medicinal marijuana is utilized, it is utilized safely and effectively. Dr. Michelle Weiner is one of those professionals. As the chairperson of Florida Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee, Weiner ensures that the medicine available at Floridas’ numerous dispensaries are safe and responsible. Dr. Weiner is double board certified in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine. She was among the state’s first physicians to make recommendations and certify patients for medical cannabis. She part-physician, part-advocate, and part-educator, ensuring that all parties that form the nexus of physicians, policy-makers, and end-users are informed and up-to-date regarding medical cannabis and its efficacy. Aside from her medical practice, Dr. Weiner is faculty at several Florida universities, including Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University, and Florida Gulf Coast University, where she instructs students on treating patients for chronic pain using medical cannabis. Dr. Weiner has several offices throughout South Florida, including Coconut Grove, Kendall, Hollywood, and Boca Raton.


What guides your teachings and treatments in regards to medical cannabis?
My information is evidence based. I am actively up-to-date with the current research as well as involved with my own research using cannabis as a substitute for opioids. I use technology such as nano CBD and Cannabis solutions to avoid potentially hazardous routes for medication to be delivered in a timely fashion with the highest degree of absorption for the most beneficial therapeutic effects.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding cannabis, particularly medical cannabis?
People are not informed about the difference between CBD hemp and Marijuana and the quality of the product is of the utmost importance. It must be third party lab tested void of contaminants optimizing the beauty of the plant, including other cannabinoids
and terpenes for effect specific goals.

As a medical professional aiming to optimize the medical use of cannabis as a treatment, that’s unique in of itself, but what else separates you from other medical professionals, especially through your use of medical cannabis?
I care. I spend time to personalize my treatments to connect with patients and advise them based on evidence and my experience with thousands of patients using natural alternatives to improve the quality of life.My philosophy is to treat each person as a whole, to have them connect with their body and their mind, body, and soul aligned. I focus on nutrition, exercise, and botanical medicine to promote the body’s natural ability to heal and work at its optimal level to focus, function, sleep well, and prevent chronic disease.

To learn more, call 305.974.5533 or visit spinewellnessamerica.com.

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