2 Exhibitions to Check Out This February

Discover this month’s must-see happenings at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami and NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale


Keeping up with its mission to support emerging talents, the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami will host American painter Janiva Ellis’ first solo museum exhibition beginning February 11. Titled Rats, her collection of 15 large-scale works trace recent and significant experimentation in the artist’s practice, combining abstraction, figuration, landscape, and cartoon to explore the African American female experience. “There are definitely subjects such as women figures that are in a state of transformation or even erasure in Ellis’ paintings,” says Alex Gartenfeld, ICA’s artistic director. —J.A.

The World of Anna Sui

Beginning February 28, the glamorous and eclectic work of one of New York’s most accomplished designers arrives at NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale. The World of Anna Sui invites viewers to discover Sui’s creative process and the diverse influences that contributed to her career. “South Florida is an international fashion and design hub,” notes Bonnie Clearwater, the museum’s director and chief curator. “It’s important to provide designers with access to the history of fashion and to unique designers, such as Anna Sui, whose fashions embody a form of storytelling, which is based on her own experiences growing up in the suburbs of Detroit. It also explores her multimedia collaborations with musicians, photographers, and models.”  —Melissa Puppo

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