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Give Back to the Caribbean –

The best way to do it is hop on a plane and visit one of these beautiful islands.

There is a misconception that the entire Caribbean—all 7,000 islands making up 28 distinct nations—has been sidelined by the recent hurricanes. But the team at Marriott International, for one, wants to make sure travelers have the full picture: The Caribbean is open for business. Yes, there are islands that have been devastated, but by no means is that true of all of them—or even to most of them. And while some of the islands are in rebuilding mode, exploring one of the many that are already prepared and eager to welcome guests is an important and impactful way to make a difference. From Carnival celebrations to quieter locales with lush rainforests, there are lots of options open right now for all types of vacationers. Relax on a private beach in Grand Cayman, take an off-road Jeep to explore the volcanic side of Aruba, snorkel the pristine waters of Bonaire or relax poolside in the Bahamas. Indulge in the experiences that are very much still available. Marriott International’s 47 open hotels and resorts in the region are welcoming guests with warm smiles and open arms, and associates are, as always, at the ready to help travelers create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

So, for those who are wondering how to help, donate supplies and money when you can and volunteer where possible, but also visit and explore the beautiful part of our world that is the Caribbean, and give back.

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