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When the romance goes out of your relationship with your décor, do a little something to spice things up. Here are 5 suggestions from the experts on how to relight the spark with just a single move.

Do you ever look around your house, sigh, and maybe even let out an audible “Meh”? As much as we may love the rooms we create at the time we’re creating them, looking at the same colors, furnishings and accessories day in and day out can become tedious over time. For some of us, the restlessness sets in over a period of months; for others, we may wait years before we reach the point where we just have to do something to shake up our décor.

But in case you’re not up for a total renovation—and all the time, inconvenience and expense it can entail—there are quick fixes and refreshes that can be done, here and there, one at a time, room by room, that can make a major difference in how your home looks—and how you look at your house. We asked several local experts from various aspects of the home décor industry for their thoughts on how to refresh by posing the question “If you had to suggest one way to update my décor this season, what would it be?” Here’s the sage advice they gave us to share with you.

“As the summer days approach, accentuate your home with natural wooden furniture that gives off a sense of Zen,” suggests Marcela Gerszuny from Herval Furniture ( in Miami. “We all know that in the 21st century we spend too much time indoors, which can negatively impact our moods.” The addition of wood—a natural element—will freshen things up while bringing the outdoors in.

“The one thing that needs to be done is update all of your lighting throughout your house to LED,” says Steven G., of Interiors by Steven G. ( “Lighting is the key to success and is the most critical item to update in any home.”

“If there is just one thing to update this season at home, it’s the master bedroom,” says Rodolfo Remigio, Director of General Design for El Dorado Furniture ( “If you’ve had the same bedroom set for [several] years, purchase a new one [with a leather or fabric headboard], which can change the complete look of your bedroom. You can keep the same nightstands and other pieces from your previous bedroom set and add new table lamps. You can even dress up the new bed with a beautiful new comforter set with pillows, and update the walls with a fresh, neutral color. It will make the bedroom look brand new for the upcoming season.”

Forget changing the paint color—add texture and interest through the use of wallpaper. “We are big fans of wallpaper! It’s back, and totally in,” says Laila Colvin of 2id Interiors ( “It’s a simple and easy makeover. You can add texture, color or create an artsy accent wall.” Partner Rafaela Simoes adds, “You can also rearrange your existing furniture for a new layout and fresh functionality with old pieces. Think of a side table that can became a coffee table overlapping with something new—a table lamp in the bedroom that can get a new shade and be moved to the living room; etc.”

“For many households the kitchen is the center of the home and the hub of activity,” points out Andrea Subotovsky of Italkraft in Aventura ( “Remodeling the kitchen can be a major undertaking. It’s not just the expense, but also the inconvenience to the household that gives many homeowners pause when considering such an undertaking. In spite of this, homeowners continue to find good reasons to proceed with a kitchen remodel, often to increase the value or marketability of a property; for others, their kitchens are outdated and it’s time to bring them into the 21st century with new surfaces, stones and appliances.” But at Italkraft, they find that most customers just enjoy cooking in the kitchen of their dreams. “The majority of our customers enjoy preparing fancy meals and consider themselves great cooks, and a gourmet kitchen with fancier amenities than most accommodates the cook’s needs.”

The experts at Armadi Closets agree with this idea. “If we had to choose one only thing to freshen up the home design, we would choose the kitchen,” says Armadi president Daniel Zegen ( “First of all because it’s one of the spaces most used on a daily basis in a home, and second of all because it would increase by far the price of the property [if the owner decides to sell].”


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