It’s Not All Relative

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Khloe married Lamar Odom in August 2009; the wedding was filmed for a two-hour special on E!

Khloe married Lamar Odom in August 2009; the wedding was filmed for a two-hour special on E!

She lives life to the fullest, and being the youngest, has had more trouble than her siblings dealing with her dad’s 2003 death from cancer. In fact, she got a DUI around the 2009 anniversary of his passing, which was reenacted on Keeping Up in an episode entitled “Remembering Dad.” When she was released from a short jail stint, the family celebrated with champagne. Kardashian-Odom quipped: “What the fuck kind of family takes their daughter out of jail for DUI, then goes drinking?”

After this incident and other signs of restlessness, Kardashian-Odom decided to let go and grow by moving to Miami to open the second location of DASH, and film Keeping Up’s first spin-off show, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. She took the advice of stepdad Jenner, who loves to regale the girls with life and career guidance: “If you’re not uncomfortable, you don’t grow.”
“It was time for me to do something else, live in a new city,” says Kardashian-Odom, who had never been away from home three years ago when she headed for Miami Beach. “I was ready to move to New York, but decided not then. Miami is beautiful and it motivates you to take care of yourself. Everything is at your fingertips; the competition is wild.”

Lamar and I have a house in Miami now under construction. We love the area, the people, the fun spirit.That experience turned out to be golden for Kardashian-Odom, moving her up the ladder of reality TV stardom. The sisters had a blast dashing from their oceanfront penthouse at Bentley Suites to South Beach clubs like Mynt, Mansion and LIV, and restaurants like Prime 112 and Philippe in the Gansevoort South. They tanned on the beach, hosted fashion shows, shopped at tony boutiques and bought sexy merchandise for DASH. When their store opened on camera, there were so many people lined up, Miami Beach authorities worried that a brawl would ensue.

The show’s success earned the girls a second season. That was good news for Kardashian-Odom, who still adores Miami and its restaurants, especially little hole-in-the wall storefronts with authentic Caribbean food. In fact, she and Odom so enjoy the South Florida vibe that they bought a home here. “Lamar and I have a house in Miami now under construction,” she says.
“We love the area, the people, the fun spirit. Lamar used to play for the Miami Heat. And we have a ball when we go there. I wish we had time to go more often.”

Busy is indeed her middle name. So much so that she has not seriously worried about getting pregnant. She definitely wants to have a baby, but is in no hurry. One of her great joys is watching her 2-year-old nephew, Mason, grow. He is the adorable son of Kourtney and her live-in boyfriend, Scott Disick, whom Kardashian-Odom used to berate over his bad behavior, aptly illustrated on their reality shows. “Scott is soo much better now,” she admits. “He has worked hard and fights his demons.  Plus, he is a great dad and good to Kourtney. I never thought I would be saying something like this, even a year ago. But I give credit where credit is due.”

Besides, Kardashian-Odom has enough on her plate and doesn’t have time to babysit all that ails the Kasbahesque world of Kardashian. Most important is her life as half of a young couple looking to settle in and raise a family. But she and Lamar are wondering what will happen at the end of the 2012 basketball season. Where will he land? He could remain in Dallas, or be released and become available to search for a new NBA base. “Things are chaotic about where we will be after this season,” she says. “But I am blessed with my family and wonderful husband, so I have no complaints. I know how lucky I am to have such an amazing life. We’ll go where it takes us.””

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4 Comments on "It’s Not All Relative"

  1. Donna April 2012 at 1:58 pm · Reply

    Lovely article. Khloe and Lamar both seem to be hard workers and i wish them all the success that life has to offer. good things happens to good people…God Bless the Kardashians. Khloe, i know that God will bless you and Lamar with children soon, just keep the faith.

  2. Tiffany April 2012 at 7:34 pm · Reply

    I love the article. Khloe you are an amazing person. I love you and your husband Lamar. Watching your show made me appericate my marriage a little more. I wish you guys love, peace, and happiness that life has to offer. Keep raising to the top, but remember keep God first in everything you guys do. All of your dream will come ture just keep praying and have faith that God will answer your Dreams. Love You Guys very much!!

  3. Sadeta June 2012 at 2:40 pm · Reply

    Khloe & Lamar,

    Absolutely love the article! It has really touched me.
    Kloe, I love the fact that you are there for your husband 100%. That is what marriage is about. Most people don’t want to work on their marriage and think that a divorce is the only great decision to make so i am very proud to hear that you are behind your husband every step of the way. I really truly adore and admire you and love watching your show. You are a real person and you always speak the truth. I watch all of your shows and sometimes whatch them repeatedly…love my DVR box lol. (I got my husband into watching the shows) :)
    Hopefully someday you and Lamar will have a growing family and i will be happy for the both of you to see that happen. You both deserve the best that life has to offer.
    Good Luck to the both of you Odom’s and I look forward to watching many more of your shows!

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