October 2014 Cover Story

Ahead of the Game

Heat star and fan favorite Shane Battier is newly retired from the NBA, but you won’t have to miss him. He’s taking his talents to ESPN—and keeping his home right here in Miami.

By Linda Marx

When LeBron James cramped up from dehydration during the oppressively hot first game of the 2014 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, it was Shane Battier who helped his teammate hobble to the bench. “When LeBron went down, I was his brother,” says Battier, who stands 6’8” and weighs 215 lbs. “I wanted to help. It’s what I do.”

About the same time, when Battier, 36, announced he was retiring from the Miami Heat after a remarkable 13-year career in the NBA, he made “Heaties” posters for his teammates. These framed photo illustrations of the players was his way of sharing their great years together. He wanted the guys to have something to admire forever.

“I love the guys on the Miami Heat; they will always be my friends,” said Battier during a recent interview at the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach. “I have spent more time with them than with my own family. The guys are funny as hell and they have always competed at the highest level. We have brought the community together. Never before was Miami a basketball hotbed. Now it is. And this is awesome.”

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